Amazon Fire HD 6 Review – A Low-Cost Wonder

Even though the Amazon Fire HD 6 has been on the market for quite some time now, it is still one of the go to slates for many. To start, it has a very reasonable price tag that practically no one would complain about it. But is it worth the price, even when the price point is made to be quite low? Well, here’s one point of information – it did set an interesting blueprint to fit the standards for future tablets.

Amazon Fire HD 6 Review - A Low-Cost Wonder

The Amazon Fire HD 6 Provides an Excellent Value for its Price

For its design, there’s nothing new to say about the Amazon Fire HD 6. Well, it will show you the whole point of it being a low-cost slate right out of the box. It also brings us to its greatest issue. It has a 6-inch display which can easily fit inside the back pocket of your jeans. But because it looks so plain, many would just brush it off even without checking for the price tag. But if you’re the type who would check the price of tech before buying it, then you wouldn’t bother with the design afterwards.

It also offers a very different feel than what you would normally have with other mobile tablets. Since it is designed with a 6-inch display, it can be held with one hand. Most tablets that are out on the market are sized with 7-inch displays which can be quite difficult to be held with one hand.

But with that smaller size comes with a larger thickness. It is very thick and within the heavy side. It weighs 209-grams and is 10.7-millimeters thick. With these numbers, it does wipe off some of its “small” appeal.

Its weight and thickness are its real shortcomings rather than its plain look. Even though it does have a rather good build quality (given the low cost of the Fire HD 6) but many would prefer a soft touch finish rather than a tablet encased in roughened plastic.

When it comes to hardware specs, everything is kept simple but functional. For the software, it does run on the Fire OS, which is Amazon’s custom Android operating system. However, it does not look like your ordinary Android UI. But overall, the look of the user-interface is made to deliver content rather than a place to hang out.

Ultimately, the Amazon Fire HD 6 delivers well for its price tag. Software and hardware performance are above average albeit its low cost. Still, it would be better if the slate is thinner and lighter. But when looking at it in other aspects, it is perhaps the best tablet for the consumer with a tight budget.


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