AllianceAirWar Review – Setting a Benchmark in Modern Air Warfare Mobile Gaming

From the moment you start AllianceAirWar, you will be greeted with warnings about the game’s early day bugs which are found in its version 1.0. Therefore, playing the game feels like an experiment to recapture the legendary title’s glory days. Nevertheless, there are new touches thrown into the mix to make it worthy of a game to be part of the 21st century.

AllianceAirWar Review - Setting a Benchmark in Modern Air Warfare Mobile Gaming

Relive the Glory Days With AllianceAirWar

In AllianceAirWar, the goal for each level is the same – fly across all encounters with your chosen craft with due precision and take out as many enemies you encounter along the way. This also means that you have to protect your own aircraft while you’re gunning down enemy planes.

When it comes to the game’s controls, they are exceptionally simple. The game’s default setup for its controls fall to a one touch approach. This essentially means that you will place your thumb where the game places a virtual thumbstick. Then, you will maneuver the place corresponding as to whatever direction you move your thumb to.

The weapons can be located at the bottom right-hand of your device’s screen. Deploying your missiles are easy as just tapping them. But do note that missiles are quick to be depleted, but there is a certain cooldown time in which the game will replenish them without you so much as doing anything rather than waiting for a few moments.

In using the machine gun, it will only require players to give a constant press. But unlike the missiles, the machine guns do not have a lock-on feature. This means that you have to manually line-up your sights perfectly to the enemy craft to inflict a significant amount of damage.

Seeing its control system, AllianceAirWar (iOS) is very simple in nature, but a relatively smooth one at that. It is not overpopulated with enemy aircrafts in which you might spend most of the game zooming in and out rather than shooting. Instead, enemies are sprawled across the map. It’s as if they are just lying in wait for you to destroy them.

If you heeded the warnings at the start of the game, then do know there are slight bugs with regards to its visuals, especially at the end of an unsuccessful mission. While the game does not get anything wrong, at the same time it all feels rather too easy.

In this regard, AllianceAirWar is intentionally made to be a simple rendition of the airborne fights that have been experienced by veterans in the days of the World War. It’s simple yet adept controls could even set a new benchmark when it comes to modern mobile air warfare games.


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