Alienware 15 Review – The Gaming Laptop of Choice for Many

When you take a look at the Alienware 15, then you would immediately know that it is a quality gaming machine. After all, it is made from the company that centers around the gaming industry for years. With this model, the company ditched the 18-inch or the 14-inch offerings and replaced it with a slimmer 15-inch variant. At its core, it has powerful Intel processors, top-of-the-line graphics card, and a high-quality screen that makes it an automatic choice for many gamers.

Alienware 15 Review - The Gaming Laptop of Choice for Many

The Alienware 15 is What You Would Expect From a Company Making Great Gaming Gadgets for Years

If there is one thing that is prominent with the Alienware 15, it is the company’s lack of visual flair. Well, that is unless you’re a big fan of an alien head found at the lid of your laptop. But if you’re not the type to want to have an extra-terrestrial logo lighting up the lid of your gaming machine, then maybe the hardware can change your mind.

But while we’re still on the subject of its design, then do note that this particular Alienware gaming laptop is made with a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum. The latter material covers the whole surface of the lid, while the former is hidden away beneath the construction of the device. The aluminum is found beneath a coating of a very lovely, and premium-feeling soft-touch covering.

The design continues the trend of gaming laptops as it has plenty of sharp right angles. But there are some of those angles that are subtle enough and do promote a more minimalist approach than what Asus’ line of ROG laptops can offer. It retains a sense of class and quality, even though it is meant for hardcore gaming rather than just checking your email every now and then.

When you do want to get the Alienware 15 Gaming Laptop, then be prepared to make your wallet cry. However, you will get great value for what it’s worth. To start, it has an Intel Core i5-4210H processor, an Nvidia Geforce GTX 965M card, 1TB of internal storage space, and 8GB of RAM. There are some upgrades that you can purchase for the machine, but that would make your wallet bleed even more.

Display produces 1,920 x 1,080 of pixel resolution and is an LCD screen that’s also an IPS panel. It is covered with a matte, anti-glare finish for great viewing angles. The panel can, again, be upgraded to a 4K resolution touch capacitive one, but then again that would require extra cash to burn.

Even though the standard model does not make the Alienware 15 stand out from the competition, its upgrading the unit makes it all worthwhile. That being said, this gaming machine will indeed make you break the bank. But when you do, you may be hard-pressed in finding a better gaming laptop than this.


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