Additional Rocket League DLCs to Come Out This October

Additional Rocket League DLCs to Come Out This October

Rocket League has just recently released their latest 1.05 patch and now they’re announcing yet another update that will arrive in October. Psyonix, developer of the hugely popular game that crosses soccer and RC cars, has just announced their 2nd DLC drop. The new downloadable content is entitled “Revenge of the Battle-Cars” and will be available for download by next month. The expansion pack will have new features, including a pair of new cars called Scarab and Zippy. These are taken from the Rocket League’s predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. This predecessor was released back in the year 2008 for the PlayStation 3 console.

Rocket League’s Next Update Rolls Out After Only a Month From Its Initial Patch

Rocket League‘s DLC, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, will also include 12 new decals. This gives 6 new decals for each car. Design add-ons will also include a flurry of new paint types, rocket boost, wheels, antennas, and toppers. Aside from the impressive array of new looks players can give to their cars, there will also be 5 new Steam achievements to which they can try to acquire. Achievement completionists will feel even more challenged than before as these new challenges show up come next month.

Psyonix also announced 2 new variations of existing stadiums, of which they are the Urban Station (Night) and the Utopia Coliseum (Dusk). While only a slight change to the environment, it does pertain to a refreshing feel for existing stadiums, especially when players may feel that they have been playing at the same environment over and over again for some time.

However, players should get used to playing with these new environments for some time as the developers announced that it will be the last “regulation-style” maps they will release for a while. The studio behind the game also announced that they will be now focusing on more “unusual” layouts setting and layouts. More news and information about this later this year.

The studio also said that there are additional FREE goodies that will arrive with Rocket League‘s upcoming update. There will be new content like new music, various Community and Country flags, and Psyionix’s own customary updates and optimizations that will all be packaged along with the new downloadable update coming this October. While it is clear that the next patch will come next month, there is still no precise date as to when it will release. Full details on the upcoming update can be found in the game’s Steam page.


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