AcuRite Wireless Digital Weather Thermometer Review – Does What It’s Supposed to do, But the Display Could be Better

The AcuRite Wireless Digital Weather Thermometer comes into the market that are already riddled with smart thermometers. However, when you look at its price tag, this weather thermometer does not need all the extra features. In other words, if you just want to know how cold or hot the weather is today, then this is it. It will display and record indoor and/or outdoor temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit readings. It can also give you humidity percentages. Apart from that, you’re not going to get anything else with this one.

AcuRite Wireless Digital Weather Thermometer Review - Does What It's Supposed to do, But the Display Could be Better

The AcuRite Wireless Digital Weather Thermometer Gives Temperature and Humidity Readings, and That’s It

Weighing at only 2.6-pounds, the AcuRite Wireless Digital Weather Thermometer is very lightweight to transfer around the house. It runs on 4-AA batteries, and claims to deliver accurate and reliable readings, and for the most part, it does.

The thermometer comes with a bold, easy-to-read LCD display. Well, the display is easy-to-read but there’s a large catch – you can already read what’s on the display at a certain angle. Viewing what’s on the screen at any angle that does not let the display hit a light source will give you a terribly rough time on seeing what’s being shown on it. Therefore, it is recommended to put the display somewhere with a very good light source, otherwise you’re just better off going outside for yourself and taking a guess on what the temperature and humidity readings are.

The problem with the display on the AcuRite Wireless Digital Thermometer is it doesn’t have a backlight to illuminate the screen. Setting up is easy and it gives accurate readings on indoor and outdoor temperatures, as well as humidity, pretty well. However, if you don’t place the device somewhere near with a good light, then you may have to use a flashlight or a portable light source just to see what’s on the screen.

While it is a low-cost solution, bumping the price up just a teensy bit won’t become a deal breaker. In fact, many would agree that if it has a higher price tag (by just a bit), for as long as a built-in light will be included in the package, then the device can be easier to recommend. However, since it does not have such a feature, then there are other weather thermometers out there at a similar price class than can do better.

Overall, the AcuRite Wireless Digital Weather Thermometer is a great indoor and outdoor thermometer as it is able to deliver accurate readings on temperature and humidity. But its lack of a built-in backlight makes it really hard to recommend.


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