A smart luggage that will tell you not just the location of the bag but it will also checked in itself at the airports

A smart luggage that will tell you not just the location of the bag but it will also checked in itself at the airports

Could this be the solution to stop theft related issues inside the airports or even on-board related incidents of rampant baggage stealing?

The news has it, thieves are everywhere they are in the airports, or even inside the plane travelling with you and your luggage. While you are peacefully seated on your chair waiting for your arrival to your destination the theft on the other hand is busy opening luggage’s and stealing your valuables and believe it or not theft is more rampant than travelers. There are already numerous incidents involving missing things after a long flight.

These incidents will bother you every time you travel, how can you attain assurance that no theft can touch your luggage especially if you are travelling to a far destination which could mean long flight on board?

A smart luggage in collaboration with Samsung and Samsonite

There are ways how to secure your luggage but the recent one, could be the best solution for this on-going problem it is in the works, two giant companies have collaborated to create a new generation of smart luggage. How smart could this smart luggage be? This particular smart luggage will relay its location to the luggage owner. How? The information will be channeled through the use of smartphone. This means that if you are travelling and you are carrying this smart luggage this luggage will communicate to you through your smartphone. Aside from that this particular luggage will spare you from manually checking it in the airport instead this luggage will check in at the airport by itself.

How does this smart luggage works?

According to the Daily Mail report this bag will use GPS to track their location, alerting travelers when their luggage is unloaded from an aircraft or about to appear on the carousel. For the paranoid and fretful, the bags can also send out alerts when they’re being opened or when their owner moves more than a few meters away.

No nonsense gimmick for marketing

This project is no-non sense as what Samsonite chief executive Ramesh Tainwala said, “Smart luggage will be able to communicate with you but it needs to be able to do much more than just give its location,” further, “We are working with Samsung to create something that is more than a gimmick.” He also added that Samsonite is also exploring the concept of self-propelling luggage that follows its owner around, but that the technology currently available is too bulky, with motors used in the company’s prototypes weighing around 20kg and taking up a third of available luggage space.


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