2016 Jaguar XJR Review – Setting to Compete Against AMG, M, and Quattro

While Jaguar already has its portfolio looking all neat and tidy with sales up and cars that feature high tech and powerful power plants, the pouncing big cat wants to compete against the other manufacturers this time on the performance sub-brands; for its flagship, we get the 2016 Jaguar XJR. The “R” is supposed to represent the company to compete against Benz’s AMG, BMW’s M, Audi’s Quattro, and other sub-brands. Can Jaguar’s re-emergence into the performance sub brand go toe to toe with the other executive rockets?

2016 Jaguar XJR Review - Setting to Compete Against AMG, M, and Quattro

The 2016 Jaguar XJR is Sporty Among the Sportiest

Being a luxury sedan, the 2016 Jaguar XJR has an extra-long wheelbase is meant for more space in the interior and the long and sleek lines mean for a refined ride meant to be driven by a chauffeur. But what if that chauffeur wants to provide a thrill ride to the owner? The XJR maintains the same looks as the XJ after all, executive cars fit the stealthy approach better until that supercharged and intercooled 5-liter V8 starts growling like a demon telling everyone that this isn’t your normal luxury sedan.

Positioned right up the luxury segment, the interior is obviously made from the best quality materials and provides all the creature comforts on long or short trips. The interior is very roomy, even more so in the back seats. It’s basically the same as the top end XJ but the XJR adds more spice to the already piping hot XJ with focus on driving performance; oh and bucket seats, yeah performance cars need bucket seats to keep the passengers in place when collecting G-forces sideways.

And so we get to the driving portion; the XJR is meant to be fully unleashed safely on track as winding back roads are not fit for a large car such as the XJR, on straights, the 2016 XJR will get to from A to B quite quickly but take it easy on the narrow corners as the car, although be lightweight for its class, it’s dimensions can be quite the handicap. Despite the long wheelbase, the XJR felt nimble and responsive with the bonus of stability thanks to the extra length. Steering was well weighted and brakes were excellent. Character is what was added to the existing XJ; the extra performance makes the steering a bit twitchy providing some excitement to the driver as well as a less silky ride for the passengers but it benefits in the performance.

That exhaust note of the 2016 Jaguar XJR paired with the executive stealthy looks make the car aggressive. Especially light for its class. Still, more performance results in a harsher ride but that’s obvious given the purpose of that R in the name. Combining performance, luxury and agility, the Jaguar XJR has what it takes to take on the Germans and their performance sub-brands.


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