2016 Honda Pilot Review – What you need to know

The 2016 Honda Pilot present itself as the family SUV for shoppers. It has an all-new full-size option from Honda since the last 6 years. It is more than just a simple update, or it is even more than just a slight refresh. This new automobile is a great redesign of the previous Honda Pilot which sports a very dramatic take to “people moving.”  With the 2016 model, this SUV removed the right-angle look to which the first two Pilot generations had. In its place, there is a more fluid design that takes on a contemporary look for a sport-utility vehicle. When talking about the overall size of the machine, it is definitely larger than its two counterparts. However, this newer model is able to be more compliant to drive than before.

2016 Honda Pilot Review - What you need to know

A Look at the 2016 Honda Pilot

The 2016 Honda Pilot drives into the scene with an all new design. It is now able to join the likes of the Acura MDX as a premium driving platform. It has gained a significant tweak in its chassis, and an even more obvious change for the company to move away from what used to look like a smaller rendition of a truck. With this new model, it has embraced a sleeker, and more stylish look. While still on the design, the 2016 Honda Pilot SUV is indeed bigger than its older counterparts, but it is definitely lighter. The wheelbase of the vehicle has grown about 2-inches as compared to the 2015 model. Honda has made an aggressive use of lightweight materials to make it shed off the extra pounds. It is now made with materials such as lighter high-strength steel and aluminum. The lighter weight also helps to reduce overall fuel consumption.

Once you open the door, you will notice that the cabin is now revised to offer a 7 passenger option. In previous models, Honda was known to introduce a three-row, eight-passenger configuration across the board. The 2016 model has a seven-passenger option that replaces the second row bench with 2 captain’s chairs.  There are certain models that will have the second-row bench to have a new single-button tilt feature. This will make it easier and more convenient to allow passengers to get into the back of the vehicle.

While just about everything else is new, the 2016 Honda Pilot still maintains its use of the 3.5-liter V-6 engine. It should also be noted that it is only available in a drivetrain option. This results in the car to have 280 horsepower and 26-pounds of torque. Both figures show that this new model, is indeed a great upgrade from previous models.


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