2016 Honda Civic Review – Can This 10th Generation Model Hold up Against the Competition?

The Honda Civic name has been around since the early 70’s, now on it’s 10th generation, the 2016 Honda Civic is still Honda’s top subcompact offering. For 2016, we take a look at the base model Civic 2.0L Sedan. The sedan variant which is a detour from the feisty coupe variant, is catered for daily use and relaxed driving.

2016 Honda Civic Review - Can This 10th Generation Model Hold up Against the Competition?

Interested Purchasers of the 2016 Honda Civic are Dealt With a Tough Choice

The outside of the 2016 Honda Civic features modern and aggressive stylings; the back swoops to form a semi-fastback silhouette that absolutely looks gorgeous on the coupe model. Sadly the design is neutered by small 16-inch wheels on the base model. Under the hood is Honda’s 2.0 liter four cylinder with iVtec that delivers linear response and Honda’s signature sound once the iVtec kicks in (yo!). The engine is rated at 158hp with a 6500 rpm redline with optimum torque at around 4200 rpm. The 2.0 liter is connected to a six-speed manual; a perk if you opt for lower trim models as CVTs and Autos come at a premium.

Inside the 2016 Civic is ample sound deadening but hearing the Honda engine rumble is quite a sensation. The cabin features a simple yet modern theme with a hint of intimacy thanks to the design of the dashboard.

Driving the Civic is a delight, not only do you get a stick shift but the car handles like a dream; it revs hard and it loves to do it. The car is lighter than the higher trims due to the lighter interior and smaller wheels. The 2.0 has a sense of lightness and sharpness with a little bit of looseness when the steering is centered.

Decent fuel economy even for a manual. Despite being a base model, the 2.0 already has the basics covered for you including the looks of the car. The 16 inchers might be an eyesore to some as it makes the body look bigger but it can always be replaced along the way. Ride quality is excellent compared to others in its class and price range.

It’s easy to accept that the base trim gets you less but what you really get is your money’s worth. While the 2.0 four cylinder does love to be a peppy little 4 pot, 158hp isn’t enough to give you an exciting ride. All of this becomes worse if you opt for the CVT variant of the base model.

Economy car, family car, and practical car; this is what the 2016 Honda Civic 2.0L is all about. In those aspects it surely delivers well with flying colors. If you’re looking for an exciting drive however, you might as well look for its coupe variant.


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