2016 Ford Fusion Sedan Review – A Solid Performing Mid-Sized Sedan With Dazzling Looks

Even at four years, the now 2016 Ford Fusion Sedan‘s design although already considered as old, still manages to be quite the head turner. The Ford Fusion has been out for a good four years and since then it’s been a mid-sized sedan with solid quality and performance as well as economy.

2016 Ford Fusion Sedan Review - A Solid Performing Mid-Sized Sedan With Dazzling Looks

For the 2016 Ford Fusion Sedan, Smaller is Always Better

Before we dive into the innards, let’s take a moment to admire the exterior of the 2016 Ford Fusion Sedan; it is simply stunning. The long wheelbase along with the large-looking body makes it deliver quite a stance. It makes the car look like a very decent and athletic performer while also looking like a luxury sedan with its subdued appearance. The gaping “mouth” that Ford uses in most of their new models now makes the Fusion look like a fusion (excuse the pun) of an Aston Martin and a Hyundai and it makes for a really sporty yet elegant looking front fascia; the shape even resembles that of the Mustang’s. Under the hood of the top end SE model is the 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo four that replaces the larger 2.5-liter for power and better economy. It is then mated to a 6 speed auto with All-wheel-drive.

Interior-wise, it’s both stylish and functional; the fusion ditched the angular center console design of the Focus and Fiesta for a ring design that keeps things looking refined. One major nit-pick though is the prominence of glossy plastic all over the surfaces which is prone to smudges, scratching, and swirling especially is the light shines directly on the glossy surface. Despite the curvaceous exterior the interior space of the Fusion is very roomy and comfy, a must for any mid-sized sedan.

Driving the Fusion SE, the EcoBoost engine simply just goes; the large body of the Fusion doesn’t strain the 2.0 turbo and couple it with the six-speed automatic, it handles traffic quite gracefully. For a mid-sized sedan; Ford equipped the Fusion with firm-tuned suspension to keep the ride composed. Steering is a bit light and numb but it’s consistent. The Fusion keeps in mind that it’s a family sedan first, and not a track monster at Daytona.

The EcoBoost on the engine of the 2016 Fusion Sedan is such an amazing engine delivering very good performance with the fuel economy to match it. Handling while on the comfort side, is still on top of the mid-sized sedan segment and can hold a candle next to the Mazda 6 and Honda Accord.

The 2016 Ford Fusion Sedan is indeed true to its name; a fusion of looks, performance, and practicality; it’s a decent contender for the best mid-sized sedans out on the market. It’s a bit annoying, however, that in order to get the best engine, you need the top end model or else you’re stuck with the larger, less powerful engine. Safety ratings for the car although good, is just average; but good enough.


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