2016 BMW Z4 Review – Age is But a Number

Since its redesign in 2009, the 2016 BMW Z4 is already 7 years old for its current generation and it has aged quite well throughout the years with minor refreshes along the way since 2012. If you’re thinking that the BMW Z4 is a sporty roadster, you’re going to be disappointed a little bit because unlike its competitors, the Z4 is more of a cruiser than a back road attacker, the Z4 is equipped with soft suspension for a comfy cruise which isn’t good for carving corners. The laid back ride however is executed quite nicely by the Z4.

2016 BMW Z4 Review - Age is But a Number

The 2016 BMW Z4 Performs Well in Areas That it Focuses On

Exterior details of the 2016 BMW Z4 include converging arcs, smooth swells, and raised character lines. The Z4 looks both sporty and conservative given the refinement in the driving experience it has. The silhouette is classic roadster; long low hood, short rear overhang, it looks like it’s made to attack corners but the weight doesn’t allow that. Under the hood of the top end model is a heavy 3.0-liter inline turbocharged six cylinder. This is mated to a 7 speed dual clutch transmission sending power to the rear wheels in classic roadster fashion.

On the inside, the cockpit is driver centered with quality materials all over. The surfaces not only look good but also feels really nice especially on the surfaces where you are expected to rest your arms or body on. The plush interior is also another reason why the tiny roadster is overweight for its class. Like any typical roadster, it’s not the most practical choice of car there is; two seats, small trunk, limited storage spaces it’s meant for leisurely driving and not on cross country trips with a full suite of luggage.

Behind the wheel of the 2016 Z4, the drive is quite quick given the absolutely overpowered engine bolted under the long hood. The base model with the smaller and lighter 4 cylinder turbo engine is the fun and engaging driver of the many flavors of the Z4. The top end turbo inline six however is very quick on the 0-60 sprint but it starts to fall on the handling department compared to the competing roadsters but still good nonetheless. Cornering is quick and confidentwith intuitive steering feedback but the lack of a lighter body means it clocks lower on lap times compared to the lighter competition.

The 2016 BMW Z4 has strong performing engine both casually, and pushing it through its paces. Very good quality hardtop. Decent ride handling and comfortable when cruising. However, it suffers from low fuel economy, even for the turbo four cylinder variant. Limited space for everything. Steering is a bit numb for the lower end trim without the M sport package. The BMW Z4 delivers a strong, controlled and comfortable ride perfect for weekends of just cruising around the city.


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