2016 BMW 340i xDrive Review – A Sports Sedan That Can

The BMW 340i is a four door sedan with more oomph than your regular four door as the 340i is a sports sedan with xDrive; 2016 BMW 340i xDrive being BMW’s all-wheel drive system which instantly splits torque and sends 100% of the power to whichever wheel needs it. The system is also very dynamic and reacts to driver inputs quickly.

2016 BMW 340i xDrive Review - A Sports Sedan That Can

The 2016 BMW 340i xDrive is the Perfect Stealth Car for Every Occasion

The 2016 BMW 340i xDrive isn’t your performance model M car or specifically, the M3; the 340i is your typical BMW four door sedan with all-wheel drive. With that in mind, the exterior of the car makes it look like any other BMW sedan on the road; nice and simple, typical German design, no wings, scoops, vents, contrasting brakes, no large  rear wing or rear diffuser it’s very stealthy. Under the hood, is a 3-liter turbo straight six making for punchy 320 horses at around 6500 rpm. Torque deliver is instantaneous as all 332lb-ft of it is available at 1380rpm. The engine is coupled to a 6 speed manual and is run through BMW’s xDrive powertrain to deliver all-wheel drive capability for both agility, as well as all-weather stability.

On the inside the 2016 340i xDrive features a handful of options; including a glass sunroof and a SensaTec leather-wrapped steering wheel. Most creature comforts come as optional extras and they don’t come cheap too. The interior is designed with class in mind as this is a German sedan after all. Contrasting leather and black dashboard that continues to the door panels along with chrome accents all over with a hint of black gloss panels to add some sheen.

The BMW 340i handles like a sports sedan and the xDrive system acts as a bonus as it adds much needed stability when road conditions take a turn for the worse. At low speeds the front wheels are decoupled, at normal speeds the torque is split 60-40 back and front respectively. All of the torque splitting and clutch handling that is happening can react instantly to driver input. The xDrive system matches pretty well with the turbo six cylinder while it may not be M car fast, it’s still a quick car with the agility to go with it.

The xDrive system is a very useful system and instils driver confidence even when the weather conditions turn bad. The powertrain has that right amount of balance that makes the car quick, but not a power monster but still manages to impress.  The driving dynamic thanks to the xDrive system as well as pure German engineering makes the 340i very enjoyable to drive.

Still, the steering feedback on the 2016 BMW 340i xDrive is lacking. Base car is too bare to be at its current price point and extras come at quite a price. For those looking for a sporty yet fully functional and stealthy sedan, the BMW 340i xDrive is the car for you.


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