2015 VW Golf GTI Review – Still the King of the Hill

Hatchbacks were supposed to be more compact sedans with a larger trunk but all that changed with the introduction of the 2015 VW Golf GTI. The VW Golf GTI spawned a new class of hatchback; the hot hatch, a sporty performance hatchback version of a normal hatchback. The new breed of compact car was so successful that VW had to up their efforts in order to keep the pioneering car on top of the charts and defend its rightful place as the top hot hatch.

2015 VW Golf GTI Review - Still the King of the Hill

The 2015 VW Golf GTI is a Delight to Use and is Quite the Experience

For the seventh generation, the 2015 VW Golf GTI retains its classic silhouette now with more angles than curves of the previous generations. To some it might look a little tame and mature due to the less aggressive, stealthy look especially on darker colors where the only major distinguishing feature aside from the GTI badge on the grille is the red strip across the front grille that’s been on GTI’s since generation one. Under the hood is 2.0-liter turbocharged direct-injection turbo engine. For the review model, featured a six speed automatic connected to the front wheels.

On the inside, the tame, subdued look continues. Unlike other hot hatches with prominent aggressive designs, the GTI looks mature both inside and out. The seats are upholstered with a comfortable leather while maintaining grip and ample side bolstering should you choose to let the GTI loose on the track. The interior is even decent for a hot hatch so you still get the practicality of a 5 door. The center console featured a decent sized MFD with multiple features but the navigation and voice prompts needed a little bit more work as well as the absence of a USB port.

Dated interior aside, the real experience of owning a hot hatch is the performance drive; before we get to that, the DSG automatic handles city driving quite excellently and makes stop and go traffic effortless. The 2015 Golf GTI can be equipped with dynamic suspension as an option so you can set the dampers to be on comfort mode on the streets or sport mode to be stiff on the track. With a weight distribution of 61-39, it’s amazing how the car still handles like a dream.

While on the stealthy side of the looks department, the 2015 VW Golf GTI is still a handsome looking car. The 5 door hatch version features above average legroom and space making the GTI a practical car when on normal days. Still deserves to be on top as it is nimble and swift as always. However, the navigation system and other media options on the MFD is a bit half-baked; No USB connectivity. The VW Golf GTI despite some shortcomings in the interior features department still holds the top place as an amazing handling and fast hot hatch on the market today.


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