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Do you love technology and gadgets? Do you love sharing information to people? If YES, then write with us. You can write an article and it will be published on our site that can be read by thousands of our daily unique visitors. We only have simple rules to follow before we will approve and publish your articles. The fallowing is our article guidelines:

  1.  The article should be unique, not a copy-paste article from other websites. It should be a self-written article exclusively for TechnologyPep.com.
  2.  The article content must be related  to Technology, Games and Gaming, Cars and How To -Tips.
  3.  Guest posts are NOT free.
  4.  The article needs to be a minimum of 500 words.
  5. Needs to be well written and perfect English and grammar.
  6.  Needs to add value to the readers so it cannot just be an advertisement
  7.  The article must have one relevant, high res, royalty-free,  image for every 300 words and it should be minimum 800 width x 500 height dimension.
  8.  The article title and article content must be related or connected to each other.
  9.  Maximum of  1 back link or link in the article is allowed but you can create as many articles as you want.
  10.  Your content will be forever on our website, it means that you can have a permanent back-link. BUT IF WE FOUND OUT that the same article you posted on another site, we will remove your link and article.
  11. Send us an email at info ( at symbol) technologypep.com  to further discuss, please provide the subject that the article will be on, the link that will shown, and an outline of the article. Have “Guest Post” in the subject line of the email.