The Tomorrow Children – An Adult Minecraft Experience

The Tomorrow Children takes place in an alternate reality wherein a top secret Soviet research project from the 1960s resulted in the end of the world. However, this is not your typical zombie apocalypse; the experiment brought upon a strange world wherein our planet has been enveloped in a semi-fluid white shell only to be called as the Void. Your job in the game is to explore the outer regions of the Void using child-like avatars called projection clones. While on those regions, you can find islands to mine for precious resources while surviving the monsters that lurk within.

The Tomorrow Children - An Adult Minecraft Experience

The Tomorrow Children is a Cross Between Social Gaming with Sixties Soviet Style Animation

If you’ve heard about the backstory that lies beneath The Tomorrow Children, then perhaps the gameplay will catch your attention even more. While the PS4 is known to extend modern day graphics to its limits, this particular game uses a technique known as Cascaded Voxel Cone Ray-Tracing. With this, it creates a look like the visuals are hand-crafted to produce a pseudo stop-motion animation type of feel.

The result of this unique approach to the game’s graphics can only be denoted as spellbinding. Everything seems like it was brought into the current era from the 1960s. There are convincing plastic surfaces abound, a lush character design, and dream-like sceneries that are brought into the gaming console like never before.

While there is much to like about the visuals, how does it play like? Starting the game will take you to the basics. It will cover how your clone moves and jumps, along with the basic tools for gathering resources. You will then immediately learn how to mine and harvest metals.

In The Tomorrow Children (PS4), you have to pay close attention to the light as it may very well save your life, literally. If you spend too long in the darkness, your clone will begin to fade away and will eventually disintegrate. But since this is like an MMORPG, you won’t really lose a lot except for travel time and in-game cash as you will return to your first town via a subway.

The Tomorrow Children is not kidding when you take control of clones as practically everyone has the same face. The game offers a lot of promise as you will dive into a world with much discovery and wonder. Even though the game is still in its Beta period, many are already anticipating for its full release.


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