TEAC HRS101 Speaker Reviews

TEAC HRS101 Speaker Reviews

Compact and impressive, the TEAC HRS101 is a high-resolution micro system that comprises the AI101DA Integrated Amplifier with USB DAC and a couple of LS-101 speakers. Well suited for slotting into small spaces, it lets you enjoy high-res sound streaming from your computer, and high-quality wireless streaming from your phone via aptX Bluetooth. For sale in black or silver, the TEAC HRS101 has actually an aluminum alloy front panel and enclosure, and four audio inputs up to speed.

The TEAC HR-S101 is a mixture of the bible-sized USB DAC Amplifier, AI-101DA and a pair of LS-101 speakers, designed all-in-one for the after generation, who mainly use some type of computer and smartphone. The AI-101DA permits members to take pleasure from both high-resolution audio streaming from a pc, and high-quality wireless sound streaming from a smartphone via Bluetooth® aptX® codec. Along side a USB sound input and Bluetooth® connection, the AI-101DA also employs a collection of optical digital audio inputs and an analog sound input for old-fashioned audio players like CD player or portable audio player, in the event. The secrets regarding the next-gen sound system aren’t only the versatility of the audio inputs, however the tech under its aluminum epidermis makes use of the current DSP-based technology “HR Loudness” to increase comprehensive sound performance, combining the AI-101DA additionally the LS-101. The AI-101DA’s compact body enables convertible layout, horizontal or straight to accommodate with petite room near TV stand or STB, while TEAC’s iconic part guard pubs give a specialist finish.

USB DAC for High-resolution Audio Streaming
The key device employs a USB Audio Input that allows users to get in touch to a pc and procedure high-resolution audio because high as 192kHz/24-bit by on-board D/A converter PCM1796 by BurrBrown. The asynchronous connection minimizes jitter noise amassed by the pc, because the up-conversion function refines incoming electronic sound to produce it because smooth as possible, even from CD-based sound files.

High quality Wireless Audio Streaming by Bluetooth® aptX® Codec
The key product supports Bluetooth® wireless audio streaming with an aptX® codec. Users can send high-quality audio wirelessly from their smartphone to the AI-101DA.

HR Loudness for Massive Sound Performance
Due to the fact heart of audio system, the principal device employs a class-D energy amplifier that delivers 26W + 26W of output from a bible size cabinet. As soon as the HR Loudness – a DSP-based bass enhancement technology – is busy, the amplifier produces an optimized speaker signal that maximizes the performance of this LS-101 speaker units consisted of. The HR Loudness may be switched off once you connect to third-party speakers. The HR Loudness works well for analog line-in sign too, by transforming to 96kHz/24-bit digital audio signal this is actually hi-resolution audio quality. Needless to express, no cooling fan is required for tranquility, to be able to avoid back ground noise interference. A couple of biding-post speaker terminals have already been utilized for protected wiring.

Total 4 Audio Inputs in a concise aluminum body
Specifically made for audio streaming from some type of computer or smartphone, the key unit holds a USB sound input and Bluetooth® connection. But, it additionally holds a set of optical sound inputs and mainstream analog sound input in 1/8” jack. The AI-101DA’s bible-sized body manufactured from aluminum allows convertible layout, horizontal or straight, while TEAC’s iconic part guard pubs provide a specialist finish.

Good Headphone Performance
As users needs for high quality headphone listening enhance, TEAC have actually answered by including 100mW + 100mW of headphone production into the AI-101DA main unit make it feasible for it to drive a wider choice of headphones, including high impedance  versions.

Auto Power Saving – a good mention of the TV, PC, Satellite Receiver, and STB
The AI-101DA  supplies a simple and smart means of power-on/off sequence once you watch television. Thanks to its Auto Power Saving function, the AI-101DA automatically turns on whenever incoming digital sound sign is detected, and vice versa ¬- it mechanically turns off when incoming digital audio sign is inactive for 3 minutes -.  So, you can easily connect a TV, PC, Satellite Receiver, and STB such as for example Apple TV and Sonos CONNECT that equips optical digital audio output to take pleasure from simplified and wise operations. The Auto Power Saving function can be engaged or disabled by user preference. Nevertheless when it is disabled, it nevertheless immediately switches to standby mode if left with no procedure for thirty minutes.

2-way Speaker System
So you could replicate high-resolution audio into the high frequency range, the speakers have actually a 20mm soft dome tweeter with a Chrome-plated diffuser and a 70mm cone woofer. The very carefully designed bass reflex port from the rear panel produces beautiful bass noises from a convenient lightweight cabinet. The beautifully finished surface in the back panel includes binding post kind speaker terminals with an AWG8-graded speaker cable.

Free audio software for high-resolution audio playback
TEAC supplies high-resolution sound playback software both for Windows and Macintosh. The software can be acquired to download at no expense from the TEAC web site, and it enables users to take pleasure from high-resolution audio without complicated controls that could occur with third-party applications. This really is another explanation to decide on TEAC


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