Slashy Souls – A Dark Souls-Inspired Mobile Game

With a title like Slashy Souls, you would think that the idea to make the game was garnered from a hack-and-slash game with child-friendly graphics. The answer is no; this mobile game is inspired by the upcoming Bandai Namco game, Dark Souls III. The game publisher teams up with GameStop for the surprise release of the new mobile title inspired by the hauntingly difficult role-playing game. This mobile game will be available for both Android and iOS devices beginning February 28, 2016.

Slashy Souls - A Dark Souls-Inspired Mobile Game

Slashy Souls is Not Your Typical Hack-and-Slash Mobile Game

Publisher Bandai Namco is very quick to point out that Slashy Souls is inspired by Dark Souls, but this mobile title is not directly connected to the multi-platform series. It does have similar themes, especially a very dark and brooding one at that. There is also a focus on challenge, which Dark Souls is very unforgivable to portray. However, it should be noted that this mobile game is not developed by From Software, the guys who made the Dark Souls titles.

What Slashy Souls (iOS and Android) portrays is that it reimagines the Dark Souls style of gameplay through 16-bits of graphical quality. It is also an endless runner game. Now, before you immediately assume that this is another Temple Run clone upon seeing the words “endless runner,” the gameplay is a bit different as to what people might expect, especially those who are very familiar with the Dark Souls franchise. While it is an endless runner, you will expect weapons, spells, and even bosses. These three elements are very rare to see on an endless runner type of playing from the mobile platform.

With this game, Bandai Namco puts down all the rumors concerning the game as talks have already been spread when they filed the title’s trademark a few months back. While many might be complaining that this is not a proper “Dark Souls” game, it isn’t in the first place. After all, it is not developed by the people who made the Dark Souls titles.

While there are some who are not excited about hearing a “Dark Souls” mobile game rendition, there are also a segment of the market who are anticipating for the release of Slashy Souls. To them, Dark Souls as a mobile title may not fit well as there are too many contents to be shoehorned into a mobile platform. If it were possible to end up in a mobile-friendly format, then it would take up so much storage space, much like the Final Fantasy titles being ported to mobile platforms.


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