Scribblenauts Unlimited Review – Now Available on iOS and Android

Scribblenauts Unlimited was first brought to the 3DS first with its charm and inventive style of gameplay and is now available for the mobile platform. Its style of gaming is one that can easily let the mind wander aimlessly. Think about it – what if you could literally create anything and watch it take real life form? Well, in a digital sense anyway. But anyway, the only limit here is your imagination. Every hurdle that is thrown at you in the game can be made to assist you in clearing objectives.

Scribblenauts Unlimited Review - Now Available on iOS and Android

Scribblenauts Unlimited Lets You Bring Almost Anything to Life

In Scribblenauts Unlimited, it brings players the ability to bring almost anything to digital life. For instance, should you want a boat to cross a river, simply type it out; or if you want a bigger boat, then simply type it and you’ll have it. Want a clown that can actually make people laugh? Consider it done once you hit enter. Well, just make sure that you add “Funny” to t he phrase.

It is your job to bring back order and good back into the world with your typing prowess. While Scribblenauts Unlimited (iOS and Android) will aim to justify your actions with its complex plot (which somehow revolves around everything around stories that come straight out of the bible, to your sister becoming cursed). The main objective is to find ways to make people happy, and to do that you have to type in an object, or person, that will assist in whatever problem the folks in the game are so worried about.

Even as you start the game, it will become obvious what needs to be done to achieve the end goal. The first encounter will have the game bring you a kid in need of some kind of “entertainment.” It all boils down to what you can give the child to remedy the situation. You can try out the “funny clown,” or a magician, or a comedian to give the proper response to the challenge. The only way to know if the chosen object or person works is to see if it does work. If you type in an item that is not in the game’s databank, it will pop up a list of similar items for you to pick from.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is something of a unique concept which is now actually several years old. Its charm and inventiveness will automatically bring in loads of players that brings in a wild, imaginative style of gaming that is also entertaining.


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