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The following are the terms and conditions for Product Reviews:

  1.  The article should be unique, not a copy-paste article from other websites. It should be a self-written article exclusively for TechnologyPep.com.
  2.  The article content must be related  to Technology, Games and Gaming, Cars and How To -Tips. If you are unsure it is a fit then ask the team.
  3. Links cannot be to unsavory sites eg. porn, drugs, or anything illegal.
  4.  Guest posts are NOT free.
  5.  The article needs to be a minimum of 500 words.
  6. Needs to be well written and perfect English and grammar.
  7.  Needs to add value to the readers so it cannot just be an advertisement. Needs to look unbiased.
  8.  The article must have one relevant, high res, royalty-free,  image for every 300 words and it should be minimum 800 width x 500 height dimension.
  9.  The article title and article content must be related or connected to each other.
  10.  Maximum of  2 back links or links in the article are allowed but you can create as many articles as you want.
  11.  Your content will be forever on our website, it means that you can have a permanent back-link. BUT IF WE FOUND OUT that the same article you posted on another site, we will remove your link and article.
  12.  You can also choose for out team of highly trained writers to create the review.
  13. If you send a sample of the product you will get a MUCH higher quality and longer review.
  14. No work begins until payment is received.
  15. Guest posts will be posted generally within 4 days of order.
  16. After the content has been approved, there are no changes or refunds.


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