Prius – Latest Version is Still Petite and a Joy to Drive

The Prius is the first hybrid battery/petrol car that can really take off. Furthermore, it has already established itself as a long-time favorite among drivers and household owners around the globe that have a green thumb. Just like the electric cars of today, this particular vehicle started out small (in more ways than one), and it still has that petite form factor today. When it graced the markets, it was only sold in four Japanese outlets back in 1997 before it went on sale worldwide approximately three years later after its launch. By now, the car has already sold almost six million units when counting the four generations of its variants.

Prius - Latest Version is Still Petite and a Joy to Drive

The Prius Will Still be a Favorite Among Many, Even More so With the Latest Model

The latest version of the Prius still has the 1.8-liter petrol engine. At first glance, the exterior design is one that can really turn heads. It is incredibly styling and it is clear that it has come a long way from the boxy models of its predecessors. Speaking of its older models, they had ugly behinds because they need a large battery space.

This time around, the New Prius is very sharp and contoured. It has an emphasis on aerodynamics to give it a very low (and almost too low) skirts. While the design looks very snazzy, it can make you fear ramps and pavements. The latest model also has a much lower center of gravity.

Nevertheless, because of this design choice, it also means that its economy has improved even further. Fuel use and emissions are now reduced to about 20pc. This is to put some needed clear blue-water between it and a number of diesels. The automaker responsible for the development of this certain car likes to claim that you are able to get 93mpg, however do note that this is for the most optimal of conditions. In other words, you can get 93mpg but only if you’re driving gently around town and while you’re using the battery as much as possible.

In terms of more normal driving conditions, you can probably get away with 60 to 70mpg with this Prius. Motorway use won’t be this vehicle’s strongest point, it can be outclassed by other rival cars in its class such as the VW Golf. Nonetheless, this 2016 model is still placed as one of the all-time most fuel-efficient petrol-powered cars within the United States, and this is without plug-in functionalities.



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