Porsche Macan GTS Review – Making the SUV a More Appealing Choice

With the creation of the Porsche Macan GTS, the company has thought of bringing more power into the vehicle than the standard S model. It is also given a tuned chassis. However, this newer variation of the Macan line is not cheap, although it is still more affordable than what the company’s Macan Turbo can offer. It has new features inside such a new connectivity and multimedia tech, which shows that that the company is not slacking off in the competition.

Porsche Macan GTS Review - Making the SUV a More Appealing Choice

The Porsche Macan GTS Follows From the Footsteps from the Previous Model and Improves on It

The Porsche Macan GTS has been given a tuned chassis so this model sits 15-millimeters lower on its stiffer suspension. It has the company’s adaptive suspension dampers which is also seen on the 911. But in the case of this GTS model, it is a standard offering. Hence, you can cruise around town while riding in plenty of comfort while in Normal mode. In this mode, it retains the regular car’s comfortable ride even on 20-inch alloys.

There is also the Sport Mode and it is the more obviously focused setting on the Macan GTS. When this mode is activated, it rolls less in bends, and the vehicle’s mass will try to tear the front tires offline less because of the extra grip involved. This means that the steering will also become more precise. When in Sport Mode, this GTS model of the Macan will do its best to bend the laws of physics.

Still under Sport Mode, driving the car has a surprising amount of grip even though its size and weight of the car does not immediately look like it can handle it. You can make the car throw into bends at a rate that would embarrass even some sports cars. This is all thanks to the PTM or Porsche Traction Management feature. Because of this, it will help the vehicle turn into corners with electronically controlled differentials. It will then punch out the other side with unflappable traction which is thanks to its four-wheel drive.

As for the style, Porsche really did a number on this car. They have tweaked the car’s design to show its sharper character. It even has those 20-inch wheels coming off as a standard selection. There is also an emphasis on black as it has a more prominent dark grille and blades in the front bumper section.

The Porsche Macan GTS brings in usability and performance in a neat package. For those who want to experience perhaps the best driving experience that an SUV can offer in today’s market, then look no further.


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