Paper Mario: Color Splash – Recently Announced and Already Hated

Just like any other fanbase, there is a certain sector of any gaming community that can become pretty hardcore, especially when it comes to either liking or disliking a particular title; even more so when we’re talking about Paper Mario: Color Splash. This is the newly announced sequel to the 2012 videogame Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and it continues Nintendo’s drive to put the Italian plumber into an RPG instead of the classic platformer. While Super Mario Maker was a smashing hit because players are able to utilize various editing tools to create a 2D platform stage all on their own, this newly announced “3D” title is gaining much attention, but not of the positive kind.

Paper Mario: Color Splash - Recently Announced and Already Hated

Paper Mario: Color Splash Already Has Haters, Even Though it Hasn’t Been Released Yet

Paper Mario: Color Splash was just announced in the most recent Nintendo Direct (at the time of writing). Just within the 30-minute mark of the live stream, the game’s trailer debuted. Soon after, there’s already a petition found in for the game to be cancelled. That’s how serious some gamers are in raving about their disgust. That very brief 1-minute and 10-seconds of the game’s trailer was enough to make players decide to ignore the game entirely when it comes out into the market.

But why are people so angry about it when it’s just the first trailer? Fans of the Paper Mario franchise claims that the game looks all too similar to its predecessor (that being Paper Mario: Sticker Star). That last iteration was garnered with much positivity albeit it wasn’t highly acclaimed. For more hardcore fans, however, the previous title was received with slightly less than positive reviews.

Well, at least there were reviews seeing that this newer title might not be getting any positive ones seeing how fans are already reacting with regards to the first trailer. But on some level, there are some individuals that do get the plight of the fans. If Nintendo were to remake an all-time favorite RPG, say a game with a known title like The Legend of Dragoon, then they make it into a driving sim, then things can get pretty shaky.

While getting angry for the decision of the developers to try new things is not something that is new, petitioning to cancel the game all-throughout might already be going overboard. This aspect is even more dire when the game is already far into production.

However, it is still worth noting that not everyone dislikes the upcoming Paper Mario: Color Splash to a great degree. There are some sections of the videogame market that are actually excited for it. Now it begs the question, which side are you on?




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