Overwatch Review – A Cross Between a MOBA and an FPS

Blizzard tries something new with Overwatch as it is somewhat of a cross between a first-person shooter and a multiplayer online battle arena. Everything about the game is looking slick. From the Pixar-esque graphics to the very smooth interface, the videogame has characters that complement each other in some way. Bring those characters into a small arena and you get a chaotic battle filled with gunfire, arrows, and other types of ballistics.

Overwatch Review - A Cross Between a MOBA and an FPS

Overwatch is Blizzard’s New Shooter That Also Feels Like a MOBA

Overwatch takes as many anime cues as with Team Fortress 2. But don’t get the previous statement wrong, this new offering from Blizzard is a great game. However, it does feel like a lengthy trailer for an animated series rather than being one that would have a lot more depth. Still, the game is still in its Closed Beta stages so there are still lots more to expect, and Blizzard still has a lot more to answer for.

There are a plethora of heroes to choose from before starting a match. Each hero is designed to have their own unique playstyle and sets of abilities and weaponry. Sounds like what a MOBA game can do right? You are, indeed, correct. However, this is all done using FPS gaming playstyle. Blizzard’s Overwatch is a good mix between the two gaming genres.

During the recent Blizzcon 2015, Blizzard introduced three new heroes into the mix. One of which is named D.Va which looks like she was designed by a committee from an anime convention. She is a speedster who has an outfit that is similar to what you can see on Apple Seed, and even in Hello Kitty (wait, what?). On foot, she is able to move throughout the map quite quickly. However, her handgun leaves much to be desired. Those who want to play as D.Va should know that they have to drop a lot of ammo into their enemies before they drop. She is mainly built for speed, and not for firepower.

The other two characters, Mei and Day-Glo, also complement D.Va in a way that they all balance out one another. It is quite a marvel how Blizzard made so much thought into each other’s abilities and firepower that this is clearly a game on teamwork rather than solo play.

Overwatch is still in its beta stages, however it is clear that it is already a great game right at the onset. Those who are itching to play this game should know that they won’t be disappointed once they get to play it.


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