Minecon 2016 News: MCPE and Console Updates

Published: 5 October 2016
Minecraft Llamas

Rideable llamas will be added to Minecraft update 1.11 on the PC.

Minecon took place over in California last weekend and we have the perfect Minecon 2016 news post to get you up to date.

This year we’ve heard news about an upcoming Pocket Edition patch, which Mojang has self titled the Boss Update, a new console edition DLC pack and free content update, and other future plans for Minecraft on the PC.

Minecon 2016 Recap

Minecon 2016 was a pretty packed event – Minecraft fans from all over the world came to the event and plenty of popular Minecraft content creators and members of the Minecraft development teams turned up to say hello.

As far as announcements went, a lot of information was passed around, including details about upcoming content for all three major supported Minecraft versions. (Pocket, PC and console.)

Minecraft PC 1.11 – Exploration Update

It was confirmed that the next major update for Minecraft PC, update 1.11, will be named the Exploration Update. This new update will include a number of changes to make exploring any Minecraft world more rewarding.

Changes will include new woodland mansions that will feature a number of new aggressive mobs and new rewards for players that choose to fight their way through.

Minecraft PC Treasure Maps

Rare treasure maps in PC update 1.11 will lead players to woodland mansions.

The mansions will be home to outcast villagers named Vindicators that will attack players on sight, along with ‘Evoker’ mobs that can throw a variety of ranged and area-of-effect attacks at players and spawn new bat-like ‘Vex’ mobs.

The mansions can be found, along with other rewards, through a newly added treasure map which will be a rare dungeon drop in-game.

The treasure maps and woodland mansions will allow players to find new types of loot, too.

The most valuable of which is the totem of undying – whilst holding this item, a player will be revived on the block they die on if they are ever to be dealt a blow by an aggressive mob that would otherwise have them killed.

Minecraft 1.11 Woodland Mansions

New woodland mansions with end-game loot and dangerous mobs will be introduced to update 1.11.

Llamas will start to spawn out in the wild too – they’ll be passive, but they spit at anything that’ll get in their way, and they have an unusual hatred towards wolves.

Llamas can be ridden like other passive animals.

Curse enchantments will be added to PC in the 1.11 update as well, and these will drop as uncommon dungeon loot.

Details about curses haven’t fully been explained yet, but a number of curses will make items disappear when a player dies, or alternatively make items be bound to that player forever.

The release date for the exploration update has not yet been decided, but there will be plenty more features and a confirmed release soon.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16 – Boss Update

Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 editions will also be getting a new update, which Mojang has named the Boss Update.

This update will arrive on October 18 and will include a number of changes to the way bosses work in Pocket Edition, alongside some new additions. The Elder Guardian will be introduced to 0.16, and the wither will be getting a revamp, for example.

Ocean Monuments have been added alongside Elder Guardians – buried deep under sea, these buildings provide players a reason to get their feet wet and dive deep down into the oceans that are spread throughout each world.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Elder Guardians

Elder Guardians and new Wither changes are coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

A new ‘slash commands’ function will also be available – this will allow players to tie different in-game functions and commands to patterns that can be swiped onto the display.

A new feature called ‘Add-ons’ will also be added to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

With Add-ons, players have the ability to make all sorts of interesting changes to their game. We still have a lot to learn about how add-ons work, but they will essentially be an open modding platform that’ll allow players to play around with text files to change different elements in Minecraft.

Here’s an excerpt about Add-ons from Mojang’s 0.16 blog post – “They let you remix mobs, switching out the models, textures and behaviors. Rideable chickens! Ultra-explosive pigs! Etc! It’s pretty simple to grasp.”

Minecraft Console Update

Minecraft for Xbox, PlayStation and the Wii U will also see a new update hit on October 4.

The new Minecraft console update will include a number of features that were first introduced to Minecraft PC in 1.10 and 1.9. This includes the introductions of Polar Bears and Igloos in ice biomes.

Igloos are randomly generated and some can contain hidden rooms with useful items and loot inside.

Fossils will also be added – giant fossils can be found underground and can be mined for useful decorative blocks. Villages will also get an update to be in-line with the PC version and a number of new blocks have been added into the creative menus and can be found in survival mode.

Minecraft Chinese Mythology DLC

The Minecraft Chinese Mythology DLC will introduce 41 new skins to consoles.

Minecraft console edition will also receive a brand new DLC pack which will go on sale for $4.99 when the update hits on October 4.

The new DLC is called the Chinese Mythology Mash Up Pack and it features 41 themed skins and 13 themed music tracks, along with a new map for the battle minigame.



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