Logi Circle Review : Keep in Touch with Friends and Family

The Logi Circle is less about the monitor and surveillance, but more on the keeping close ties with family and friends. This is a great device to keep in touch with relatives and those people who you hold near and dear to your heart, even when you’re miles apart from each other.

This is the second device under the Logi label. It is capable of streaming videos to mobile devices with a rich 720p quality. It has features that a traditional webcam has as it is meant for two-way communications. The difference between the Circle Camera and a regular webcam is it has a built-in speaker and microphone.

Logi Circle Review : Keep in Touch with Friends and Family

Keep Everyone Together with the Logi Circle Portable Home Connection Camera

The Logi Circle camera has a magnetic wall mount. It also has an adjustable base. It also has an internal battery for if the action moves away from the camera’s base. If you want to take it with you, simply detach the device from the magnetic ring-shaped charging dock. While out of its charging dock, it can record up to 3 hours of continuous live-streaming. That’s very impressive considering the device fits perfectly at the palm of your hand. In fact, it’s even smaller than your standard smartphone size.

The Logi Circle Portable Home Connection Camera has a dedicated mobile-app, which is compatible for Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, users will have to depend on this app to send, receive, and view videos.

Captured images will then be stored in Logitech’s Circle Cloud servers, and they have some great services. For example, Day Briefs will provide an auto-generated, 30-second video summary from what the device thinks to be the best moments of the day. The portable camera uses Logitech’s Secure Intuition motion-sensing technology to know exactly where to start recording to produce the 30-second video.

There are times when families can’t stay close to each other, but for good reasons. It could be for travel, a job opportunity in another state, or it could be the young ones have finally grown up and have started to move out of the home. With this portable camera from Logitech, never miss out on those important moments even when you’re miles apart.

The Logi Circle offers real-time video experiences for families and friends who want to constantly stay in touch with each other despite the distance. If the other party could not view the video in real-time, they could just replay it when they have the chance. Enjoy every moment with your families and friends, even when you’re far apart from each other.


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