LG Portable LED Projector Review – Complete With Smart TV and Magic Remote

The LG Portable LED Projector resembles something of an oversized brick that’s been painted white, but it is more than that sort. It comes with a Smart TV and a Magic Remote PG1500. Even though it comes feature-packed, it is still, in fact, a projector.

LG Portable LED Projector Review - Complete With Smart TV and Magic Remote

The LG Portable LED Projector Looks Like a Large White Brick

As a TV, the LG Portable LED Projector is small and light as users will only use it as a projector for its display. As an added bonus, it also has near-excellent image quality as it stands out as a big-screen HDTV that you can even carry with one hand.

It offers a 1080p display (1,920 x 1,080) and is built around a DLP chip that is paired with red, blue, and green LEDs. Unfortunately, its compact size makes for some repercussions, especially when talking about its brightness. The company states that it can light “up to” 1,400 Lumens. To add more to skepticism, LG states that this rating is based on the “perceived brightness equivalent of “a” lamp projector.” This means that it does not really offer 1,400 Lumens in a measurable sense.

Users might expect a brightness level that is equivalent to about 600 Lumens on average. This brightness level is appropriate for a typical living room at night with the lights on. Pictures are clear and fairly sharp for an image that is roughly 63-inches in size (measured diagonally).

For the TV part, the LG Portable LED Projector PF1500 has a built-in TV tuner and LG Smart TV. These are defining features that will assist in setting it apart from most projectors. When connected with a coaxial cable from an RF-video source or from an antenna, it can be used to surf TV channels. When connected to a network with an Ethernet cable or through its built-in Wi-Fi, you will be able to stream videos from an assortment of providers, which include Netflix, YouTube, and Vudu.

When it comes to image quality, it is near excellent overall. Color balance is great in all its predefined modes. It has suitably neutral grays at all levels from black to white. There are no elements of posterization and the projector does a great job of producing the right colors. It also has a noise-reduction feature that eliminates on-screen noise. However, setting this feature on High will make the image a little too soft.

If you are looking for a projector with built-in TV features, then you may want to consider the LG Portable LED Projector. It is a strong contender as it is more capable and less expensive than its competitors.


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