Kurv Guitar – Air Guitar Goodness

The Kurv Guitar is a “stringless” digital guitar, but many would probably use this as a glorified air guitar. But instead of making guitar-like sounds with your mouth, this device will actually make the guitar audios. With it, it allows anyone to learn and play songs with the use of touch, motion, and gestures.

Kurv Guitar - Air Guitar Goodness

The Kurv Guitar is Your Glorified Air Guitar That Actually Works

With the Kurv Guitar, it is able to assist beginners, and even professionals in learning their favorite songs. The device comes with a pad which detects the pressure of the fingertips. This enables fine control and even the subtle manipulation of sounds. Speaking of this pad, the developers behind this device has made its design to fit into the shape of the hand. Therefore, holding the different pressure-sensitive buttons are all within easy reach of your fingers.

Your fingers can easily and comfortably touch eight distinct places on your palm. These are the eight notes in a scale, eight chords in a Key, and eight notes in an octave.

Gesture controls will let you capture your movement to control the type of sound you want. This enables transitioning from different sounds to another a seamless, moving experience.

The Kurv Guitar device also comes with a pick that will capture the movement to make the right sounds as if you’re plucking and strumming a real guitar. However, instead of plucking and strumming guitar strings, you will be pluck and strum air.

One of the best aspects of this device is that both items in the set are compact in size. Instead of lugging around a full-sized guitar (which can become a hassle when commuting), you can place these items in your pocket for easy storage. Therefore, if inspiration strikes you, then you can just whip the pad and pick out and start creating your music.

Starting to use it is easy as 1-2-3. First, download and install the app on your iPhone or iPad. Afterwards, connect the devices with the use of Bluetooth. The third step is to play, and the sound will be generated from your iPhone ir iPad. Alternatively, you can connect the iOS devices to a speaker or headphones.

The Kurv Guitar is now available for backing over at its Kickstarter campaign page. Many are already backing up the campaign to get the rewards bundled with their pledge. The product is estimated to ship at around September 2016, but beta testers who pledge more will be able to get the device at an earlier date.


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