Kalpana ATM allow users to use their phone to get access to their money

Kalpana ATM allow users to use their phone to get access to their money

Imagine going to an ATM being able to withdraw cash with out to the touch a button. Futuristic fancy, and even just a little insecure, but because of Android in the cusp of becoming truth.

The Cx110 ATM is a brand new breed of hole-in-the-wall that uses cloud-based Android computing software called NCR Kalpana to provide a safe,  individualized experience for each and every ba3nk user. The expectation  Is that within very soon, will be able to use our smart phones and Android Devices to perform transactions; at ATMS, speeding  up the whole operation.

Not only will ATMs become much quicker and efficient to utilize, but banks should be able to offer a more personalized service to each customer. The cloud computing will also be able to learn from your habits, potentially meaning you can perform your regular transaction with just a push of a single button. This system could revolutionize now we use ATMs and it’s thanks to Android’s available source platform that it has become a possibility.

Personal touch
By maintaining a log of your transactions stored securely on the cloud server, ATMs could soon learn what you need to accomplish and offer personalized options on the screen.

Finger scanning
Rather than entering a PIN code into this next-gen ATM, all you need to do is make use of the fingerprint scanner on your phone. Working with your bank’s companion application, your phone will then verify your identity for the ATM.

Paperless banking
NCR also intends to integrate mobile receipts which bypass conventional paper receipts. Instead, a text or email will be delivered to your device.

At a glance, Product name Cx110 ATM
The Kalpana NCR-driven ATM is an Android-based slim customer machine which will offer greater speed and personalization to bank customers.

Faster finance
Android synchronization is the next step, so you might have selected your transaction before you have even reached the equipment. No more waiting in long queues for your money.


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