JLab Flex Review – Affordable AND Reliable

There is a very low number of studio headphones that are easy on the budget and can still provide reliable audio performance; but then again, there’s the JLab Flex. With these headphones, they offer a very decent sound performance at a price point that won’t let you break the bank. This device is intended for music makers and mixers. It also offers some unique features, such as earcups that are shaped like actual ears.

JLab Flex Review - Affordable AND Reliable

The JLab Flex are Headphones With Earcups Shaped Like Actual Ears

Aside from the earcups, the JLab Flex also has high-end features for its modest price. It has a rotatable, tiltable architecture which is ideal for DJing. When it comes to audio performance, it is very solid as it provides a robust bass response that is only balanced by clear, well-defined highs. Even though there might be some DJs that won’t take the design too lightly, the Flex can be used as an everyday headphone pair.

Kudos to JLab for making the design of the Flex to be futuristic without having to be futuristically cheesy. This is no easy feat to accomplish, especially when looking at its budget-friendly price. There are black padding found on the earcups and on the headband. Speaking of the headband, it is matched with the gunmetal color from the outer panels to create that handsome, modern look.

If you’re curious about the earcups and its interesting shape, they are exceptionally comfortable. This, along with the headband having a similar padding underneath it, will make the JLab Flex headphone to never feel really heavy, uncomfortable, or cumbersome even during long listening sessions. However, it is still possible to feel more pressure on the scalp but this problem can easily be remedied by adjusting the headphones slightly.

When it comes to audio performance and sound quality, there is a notable deep bass content especially for tracks that has it. The Flex is able to deliver a powerful low-end response. For high (and unwise) volume levels, the drivers do not distort. However, they do seem to approach their limits when at these volumes since you will feel the vibrations in the earcups.

DJs who are just starting out may want to get with budget-friendly gear and that is why the JLab Flex exists. It is able to deliver a solid audio performance while still being able to keep your spending allowance in a safe zone. Perhaps the only problem here is the lack of a locking cable which may be a problem for some users.


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