How can a smartphone become a part of an earthquake early warning system?

How can a smartphone become a part of an earthquake early warning system?

Countries like Mexico Japan which are known to be seismically active have an early warning system for earthquakes.

What is an earthquake early warning system?

The earthquake early warning systems use earthquake science and the technology of monitoring systems to alert devices and people, the early detection of an earthquake could able people to prepare and become alerted enough to protect not just properties but most especially precious lives of our loved ones, it could be our children, parents or even our friends.

This systems, however, is a high-maintenance kind of system which can be expensive to install and maintain, it need sensors, not just sensors but a lot of sensors so that it can give effective results.

Smartphones can be part of an earthquake early warning system.

On the other hand there is a new study that says a new smartphones can work as an early earthquake warning system this could mean that there is a probability of having an early earthquake warning system that does not need bulk of investment.

An earthquake sensor is a giant accelerometer, but geologists are eying at the smartphone’s accelerometer, in their new study it says that the new smartphones can actually measure ground’s shaking through its GPS, and according to the study author named Sarah Minson, that “If you take your phone and move it six inches to the right, it knows with surprising accuracy that it moved six inches to the right—and that is exactly what we want to know when studying earthquakes.”

There is a challenge though; scientists of this study should give classification to certain movements from regular phone movement to seismic shaking, since smartphones are everywhere it is constantly moving so how can a smartphone give a notice if a certain shaking is no longer a regular movement?


The science project related to smartphones.

In the meantime there are already tech-focused solutions and the goal is to notify us in advance if an earthquake is about to come just like the startup making Nest-esque sensors for homes, tapping into the broad network of smartphones would change the game forever.

If this time comes, notification about coming earthquake is simply coming from your smartphones, all you need to do to get notified is to simply install an app and eventually your smartphone will become one of the seismic reporting stations. Indeed this is a great science project, mustering this kind of report to our smartphones will give awareness to everyone and that awareness could save not just our lives but the lives of we care.


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