Honda NSX Review – The Japanese Supercar That is Capable of Immense Speed

The Honda NSX was first debuted as a concept car way back in the year 2012. What was once the concept now turned into a reality, there is really nothing much that has changed in terms of looks. The question is, why has it has taken so long for the vehicle to become a reality? Even though that question may still be left unanswered, car enthusiasts are still thrilled that the automobile was not left in development hell.

Honda NSX Review - The Japanese Supercar That is Capable of Immense Speed

A Look at the Honda NSX

So what does the Honda NSX have to offer? First, there is a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine that immediately places this automobile into the supercar category. The engine also calls upon three electric motors to supplement the power being generated. There are also two electric motors that are bolted onto the front axle. This will develop 73Nm of torque per piece. There is also a third motor that is found between the V6 engine and a nine-speed dual clutch gearbox that will let the automobile produce 143Nm of torque. The result? A more than satisfactory 565bhp and 646Nm of torque.

If you look at the specs on paper, it would seem like that is a lot to put inside the car. In fact, you may even wonder how it was all crammed in there considering that the vehicle is shorter than its closest competitors. Since the NSX is crammed with amazing car-tech in its interiors, it is rather heavy weighing at 1,725-kilograms. To give out a comparison, that is about 80-kilograms heavier than the AMG GT S. It is also 170-kilograms heavier than the Audi R8 V10 Plus. Honda’s supercar is designed with an aluminum space frame which uses a carbon fiber floor. However, neither feature can offset the bulk that can be seen from the batteries.

What’s unique about the Honda NSX supercar is that it has the ability to call electric assistance. This will allow the vehicle to stoke the fire that is within the internal combustion engine. The result? An explosive acceleration unlike any other. The car manufacturer is still keeping things close to their chests as to how fast the supercar can go from 0 to 62mph. However, there are rumors that it can reach top speeds in a mere three-second sprint time.

The Honda NSX is a premium vehicle that gives great performance despite it being a heavy contender. All the signs are pointing out to be positive, which is a delight to car enthusiasts everywhere.


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