Hitman Review – It Should be Better Than This

There are many gamers who are excited about the Hitman reboot title, but many of them have been left with disappointment in more ways than one. To start, the content on this “first episode” is just way too short.

Hitman Review - It Should be Better Than This

Hitman is Short, Too Short

When you start the new Hitman game, there are a couple of tutorials then you would be sent to accomplish a single real mission. After that, the first installment of the game immediately ends in a very unceremonious fashion. You would just be booted back to the main menu; there are no “thank you for playing” messages, or text that would tell you something like “On the next episode…”

Therefore, players are only left to deduce on what would be found on the next episode. Even a credits roll would have sufficed as a temporary sense of closure, but that too was lacking right at the end. Furthermore, this very brief episode spends very little time stage setting. There’s no real plot to follow, just merely an introduction on what might come.

Within the game, there are only some short scenes that would tell you so little about the popular Hitman, Agent 47. He is a sociopath with a very specific skill set, and he is using said skill set to assassinate his targets and those who get in his way. Other than that, you’re not going to get to know about him, or other characters, a bit better.

There is practically no other reason to really get to like Agent 47 beyond his skill set and how he emotionlessly murders people. There are no other information regarding the information that employs his services, and there is only a teensy bit of narrative to bring a small amount of color to his first two targets.

While there are many games wherein first episodes are brought with precision storytelling, but this title totally ignores that. It only answers nothing more interesting than to how to kill your opponents without sounding the alarm. With regards to the entire game, it is as substantial as the first slices of potato.

However, the developers of the new Hitman game may have not wanted to explain much of the narrative right at the onset. This was made to make players get a feel of the controls for the upcoming episodes. However, this might not even be enough; therefore, those interested in playing this game might just want to wait for the completion of the entire series first before jumping in.


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