Grand Theft Auto – Why Dubai Makes a Great Setting for the Game

Published: 26 April 2016Updated: 10 May 2016

All Grand Theft Auto games are all set in United States soil, such as in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. There’s also San Francisco and Las Vegas renditions found in at least one game of the GTA franchise. Rockstar’s famous (and infamous) title did have some plans to move the setting of their games outside the US region, such as London and even in Japan, however it would still make the developers particularly adamant in making the game to be always set stateside because of numerous challenges. However, should one GTA title have a setting that would be outside of the United States, Dubai would be a great option.

Grand Theft Auto - Why Dubai Makes a Great Setting for the Game

Dubai Makes a Great Place as a Setting for a Grand Theft Auto Game

Why would Dubai make for a great setting for a Grand Theft Auto title? Because practically all the elements of a classic GTA game are there: architecture, landmarks, fast cars, and there could even be audacious criminal activity. If you’re a long-time fan of the GTA series, then you’ll know you’ll be able to do all those things that you did from previous games (i.e. steal cars, go on heists, etc.) and these will all look good in the pearl-diving backwater that has now turned into the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

Furthermore, many players of GTA are known to do away with the main storyline at one point and do whatever it is that they want, such as doing stunts on cars and bikes. But picture this – how about making your character jump from the world’s tallest building on an Arabian night as you plummet towards the earth as those neon lights get closer and closer before you prop up the parachute. That sort of adrenaline rush is escorted by the fact that this is just, in fact, a videogame. You might even visualize your character as that of a business tycoon as you sip champagne from your very own luxury yacht.

Dubai make a great, if not the perfect setting for a Grand Theft Auto videogame. It is that city that is either very impressive or vulgar (depending on your perspective). However, there is no denying the beauty and unique visual style that it can bring which can translate into a well-made GTA game.

Like in Los Santos in GTA V, if one Grand Theft Auto in the future is going to be set in Dubai, then you can explore the borders beyond the city. But instead of seeing lush greeneries and forests, there’s going to be a whole lot of sand.


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