Google intend to offer more apps that are specifically designed for families.

Google intend to offer more apps that are specifically designed for families.

Following the controversy involving Google’s YouTube Kids App, the giant search company is now in quest to designate family friendly apps by encouraging app makers to design such apps. This quest is to help primarily the parents evaluate which particular apps are appropriate for their kiddos. Thus and so, a new program is created in line with this quest and the program is called “Designed for Families.”

Mobile Apps on Google Play Store under service segmentation age appropriateness.

The new program called “Designed for Families,” cognominate the apps found in Google Play Online Store if a particular app is safe and suitable for kiddos, additionally, Google also express their intention to help and support not to mention encourage app makers whose interests is to educate and entertain children through their created apps.

The service segmentation for age-appropriateness as Google’s way of addressing the issue that was brought by a group of consumer advocacy which claimed that Google goes overboard with its advertisement in its Youtube Kids App received mixed reception. It was remembered that last February the group of consumers aired their fury over the YouTube Kids App that contain advertisement in form of a branded video channels from companies like Barbie. The group already filed a formal complaint last week to the US Federal Trade Commission, and the FTC said it would review it.

Google is not just a giant advertisement company but also an influencer.

The Google Play Online Store is consist of different kinds of apps that let people download it for personal consumption name it, the play store has it, from kids entertainment, fitness and healthy lifestyles, books, to a travelling guides and so much more.

The Google Play has indeed millions of apps that has reached billion of people, undeniably it has become so influential that even kids lives with it and using it either as a way to entertain them or educate them. Google, aside from being a giant advertising company also plays a crucial role that can impact people’s lives as well as children’s.


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