Google Aims YouTube To Be Gamers Destination

Google Aims YouTube To Be Gamers Destination

The giant search company Google launch new new YouTube Gaming app and website, which focus on video games and their devout communities of players. The new service offered by Google will be a direct competitor to the well-known populat video game live-streaming site which is the Amazon Twitch. It was reported that Google tried to aquire this site last year but to no avail.



 Now, the main objective of Google is to make the YouTube the go-to destination for gamers. Pertaining to the new service, the service’s head of the gaming content Ryan Watt who came from a press event in Los Angeles, claimed that, “YouTube is the best video game site out there,”and added that, “But we never built gamers the experience they deserve.”



 E-sports which refers to the world of competitive gaming gets increase attention and gets huge funds from the tech giant companies as they compete for the eyeballs of younger audiences. It is a necessary step for Google to level up and push YouTube for gaming. Since E-sports is a way to reach new audience and that way the company can cater more advertisers as there will be new audience.

 “If you’re running around in a horror game and all of sudden there’s a gleaming Coke machine, it throws off the narrative,” said Joost van Dreunen, CEO of game analytics firm SuperData Research. “But advertisers know their way around sponsoring sports. People who watch sports are comfortable with watching advertisements.”

 There will be more than 25,000 games available in the YouTube Gaming site. There should also be a live streaming so the gamers can discuss their favorite titles or broadcast footage of games while they are playing them. It is still in the works since Google is not yet done with all the features it want to feature in its new service.

 YouTube gaming as Google’s entry into the e-sports have great advantage because YouTube Nowadays is the most dominant video site in the world.


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