Gioteck HC-4 Review – A Low-Cost Gaming Headset That Comes With Versatility

While there are a lot of gaming headsets in the market that come with various features that gamers don’t really need, the Gioteck HC-4 likes to keep things simple. As such, the price is kept at a budget-friendly level. It is targeted for PlayStation 4 users, but it does work with devices that have a 3.5-millimeter audio input. These include mobile phones, portable gaming devices, laptops, and tablets.

Gioteck HC-4 Review - A Low-Cost Gaming Headset That Comes With Versatility

The Gioteck HC-4 is Primarily Built for the PS4 But it Can be Used With Other Devices

What makes the Gioteck HC-4 shine is its built-in rechargeable battery. It contains the option of being used to amplify the volume of the headset. In other words, when using the rechargeable battery, volume levels can go really loud. Its volume levels can go way up there that it can even act as an active noise cancellation feature. If the rechargeable battery does run out, don’t worry as the device will still work but just at lower volumes.

Its design is relatively simple, which comes to no surprise considering its price. There is one cable leading from the left earcup and you can connect said cord to whatever device you want to connect the headset to. Its 3.5-millimeter adaptor is used to transmit both microphone and audio signals.

Build quality is definitely not within the cheap side of things. It is well constructed and solid enough that it can withstand being dropped on a wooden floor from a moderate height. There is padding around the ears and headband that comes with leatherette finishes. However, it does not promote the best softness and comfortable experience that you can get, but it does work, not just for those extra long gaming sessions though. The HC-4 has a weight of 309-grams, which is not so heavy that it will weigh down on your head, but it is not also so light that the entire thing feels flimsy.

Because of its price, then you would not expect much from this particular headset in terms of sound performance. Audio quality is pretty decent but it does come with surround sound, which is already a nice plus considering its price. It is equipped with 40-millimeter drivers that do produce deep bass for action games. It also boasts ample treble performance, which means that voices and musical instruments remain clear and detailed.

If you’re looking for a good gaming headset at the right price, then you might want to check out the Gioteck HC-4. It is well-made, sounds decent, and works with most gaming platforms. It also works with a slew of other devices, which is already a great bonus, especially when other higher-end models don’t have such a feature.


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