Far Cry Primal – An FPS Game Without the Shooting

If you ever want to try out a first-person shooter game without the actual shooting, then expect it on Far Cry Primal. This game will come to the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC on the first quarter of 2016. This interesting concept was brought to life with the teams working with Ubisoft. For those who are not familiar with the company, Ubisoft is a game developing company responsible for games such as the Assassin’s Creed franchise and the Far Cry series. This time around, they play with an open-world sandbox series that is set in the Stone Age.

Far Cry Primal - An FPS Game Without the Shooting

Far Cry Primal Promotes FPS Game Quality Without the Guns

The premise behind Far Cry Primal is set in 10,000 BC. Therefore, you won’t be hearing a lot of quirky scripts in this one, because there practically is none. Players take control of a character that is at the edge of a lawless, savage, but very beautifully rendered savage frontier. It will take you back to the days when the struggles, are in fact, very real. There saber-tooth tigers to watch out and woolly mammoths to kill for the warm coats. During this time, humans are not at the top of the food chain.

In this Far Cry game, it will drop you into a land named Oros. To begin, and throughout the end, there is only one goal – survive. During this time, humans are perhaps at the very bottom of the food chain. The land is as beautiful as the eyes can see, but it is teeming with hidden dangers. Areas are unspoiled by human civilization, and it will let players dive in to the very, very, very distant past.

Even when you just stand on one place, you will be able to hear the sounds of the predators that fill the air. There are also calls from birds, that may or may not be a threat. There are also the strange barks of deer-like creatures that make up the rest of the soundscape. In short, this game is as beautiful to the eyes as it is to the ears.

There is also a more prehistoric feel when you take a look at the map. Instead of distance covered in kilometers or in miles, it will tell you the distance in footsteps. Also, instead of fortified strongholds of steel and metal, outposts will take on the form of a small huddle of tents that are packed to the brim. But do be warned, some of these folks are riddled with cannibals who only have one thing in mind – you being their next meal.

Players who get to test out Far Cry Primal will know that they will instantly be hooked. It is a very interesting take on videogaming since just about every premise nowadays take on the futuristic side of things.


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