Revamp Your Device: How to Change Bluetooth Name on Android

Published: 12 February 2024Updated: 20 February 2024

Personalizing your Android device goes beyond just selecting wallpapers or ringtones. One often overlooked but easily customizable feature is the Bluetooth name, which not only adds a touch of uniqueness to your device but also helps in easily identifying it in a list of connected devices. In this guide, we’ll explore the simple steps to revamp your device by changing its Bluetooth name on Android, allowing you to make a distinctive mark in the world of wireless connectivity.


Why Should You Change Bluetooth Name on an Android?

Changing the name of your Bluetooth on an Android device can be useful for several reasons:


The process allows you to personalize your Bluetooth connections by making your device easily recognizable among other devices. The name-changing can be especially helpful in situations where there are multiple Bluetooth devices in the vicinity.


Using a distinct Bluetooth name can enhance the security of your device. If you have multiple devices and want to ensure that you are connecting to the correct one, a distinct Bluetooth name can help you identify your device more easily.


Changing the Bluetooth name can also add a layer of privacy. Instead of using your device’s default name, which might reveal the manufacturer or model, you can choose a name that doesn’t disclose such information.

Ease of Identification

If you frequently connect your device to other Bluetooth devices, such as speakers or headphones, having a recognizable Bluetooth name can make it easier to identify your device in the list of available connections.


If you have multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices, giving each one a unique name helps you organize and manage your connections more effectively.

How to Change Bluetooth Name on Android

Below are some of the methods you can apply to rename the Bluetooth on Android:

Method 1

Go to Bluetooth Settings

To access Bluetooth settings on an Android phone, navigate to the settings app. From there, scroll down and tap “Bluetooth and Devices” to open the Bluetooth settings. Depending on your device, you may need to toggle on the Bluetooth switch to enable it.

Locate the Device Name Option

After you toggle on your Bluetooth, different options will appear. Tap on “Device name”

Bluetooth logo

Edit the Bluetooth Name

To change the Bluetooth name on your Samsung Galaxy device or any other Android device, edit the device Bluetooth name to a new desired one for your device.

Save and Apply Changes

To save and apply the changes to your Bluetooth name on Android, tap “Rename” button. This final step ensures that your phone’s Bluetooth name is updated across all connected devices. By saving and applying the changes, you ensure that your device is recognized by the new Bluetooth name.

Method 2

Access Quick Settings

Swipe down from the top of your screen to open the Quick Settings menu. Look for an option related to Bluetooth, such as “Bluetooth” or an icon representing it: depending on the operating system.

Access Bluetooth Settings

Long-press on the Bluetooth icon

Find “Device name”

Tap “Device name” within the settings of Bluetooth.

Change the Bluetooth name

Enter the new name for the device.

Save the changes

Save the changes, and you may need to restart Bluetooth for the changes to take effect.

Method 3

  1. Go to the Settings menu for Samsung Galaxy phones or your any Android device, then select “Connections” or “Connection Preferences.
  2. Look for the option called “Device Name.”
  3. Tap on it and enter the new desired name for your device.
  4. Make sure to save the changes.

How to Test the New Bluetooth Name on Android

After changing the Bluetooth name on the Android device, you can test the new name by following these steps:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your Android device.
  2. Make sure the Bluetooth device you want to connect to is in discoverable mode.
  3. On your Android device, scan for available Bluetooth devices.
  4. Locate the device with the new Bluetooth name in the list.
  5. Attempt to pair and connect to the Bluetooth device with the updated name.
  6. Confirm the successful connection and data transfer, if applicable.

Tips for Choosing a Great Bluetooth Name

Here are tips to help you select the perfect name for your device:

  • Avoid common names to prevent confusion with other devices.
  • Choose a name that reflects the purpose or location of your device.
  • Opt for a concise name that’s easy to remember and type.
  • Avoid using offensive or inappropriate words that may offend others.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Altering the Name of Bluetooth on My Device Affect Its Performance or Functionality?

Altering the Android device’s Bluetooth name does not affect its performance or functionality. It is a simple customization feature that allows you to personalize your device’s Bluetooth name.

Is It Applicable to Regain the Default Bluetooth Name After Changing It?

Yes, it is possible to revert to the default name of Bluetooth after changing it on most Android devices. Follow the same steps mentioned earlier, entering the original name or leaving the field blank, and save the changes to restore the original Bluetooth name.

Will Changing the Name of My Bluetooth Affect Its Connectivity With Other Bluetooth Devices?

Renaming the Bluetooth of the Android device won’t affect its connectivity with other devices. It’s purely a cosmetic change that allows you to personalize and easily identify your device when pairing with others.


Customizing your Android device’s Bluetooth name is an uncomplicated yet impactful method to infuse a sense of individuality. Whether you opt for a personalized name or choose to return to the default, this procedure enables you to tailor your device’s identity to suit your preferences. By adhering to the simple steps outlined above, you can effortlessly enhance the uniqueness of your device within the realm of Bluetooth connectivity.



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