Boosted Boards 101: Why Boosted Boards Are Becoming Popular

Boosted Boards 101: Why Boosted Boards Are Becoming Popular

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Boosted boards 101 is here to introduce you to the latest from the world of boosted boards.

You’ve been browsing through your Twitter account and noticed that most of your friends are using the hashtag #BoostedBoards, #SkateElectric and #JustRide. You search for these hashtags to know what your friends are talking about and lo and behold – your Twitter feed is filled up with people who are using these Boosted Boards for their commute and tricks. You were never really a sporty-type of person, so this kind of things don’t excite you that much. But on your Twitter and other social media accounts, you’ve noticed that almost all your friends are getting into this craze. You started to become curious and thought, “What’s really in this bandwagon that my friends are actually going cuckoo about it?”

What Are Boosted Boards Anyway?

Sure, you’ve already seen how a Boosted Board looks like but do you really know what this little board is all about? For starters, it’s considered as the world’s lightest electric vehicle. Just imagine a skateboard then couple it up with the most advanced electrical components (so you won’t have to push it with your other leg to keep it running), and you have your own Boosted Board. It comes in different models, and each model is more advanced than the preceding ones – just think of Apple’s iPhones.


But Why In The World Are Boosted Boards Becoming Popular?

You might be thinking that all of your friends are purchasing these boards just for the sake of having one or just to become “in” to whatever is trending nowadays. But you could be wrong. The reason why your friends purchased Boosted Board in the first place couldn’t be all that – they could actually be thinking of what this little invention could bring to their lives and apparently, all of these benefits could also be the reason why Boosted Boards are becoming so popular.

  • Boosted Boards are lightweight:

    Yes, you’ve read that right. Even if the Boosted Boards have electrical components, it’s still very lightweight and portable. This means that you have the convenience of bringing it anywhere with you. You don’t have to worry when you’ll be walking up very steep roads because the Boosted Board is light enough for you to hand carry. It’s the perfect combination of mobility and power!


  • Boosted Boards have great power:

    One of the disadvantages of using a skateboard is that you might take too much time pushing the board around that when you get to your destination, you’re too tired. Well, you don’t have to worry because it’ll never happen once you use Boosted Boards – and this is probably the reason why your friends would opt to use this instead of commuting. The Boosted Board has a lot of power, like 2000 watts on a 12 pounds longboard kind of power – so you’ll never have to push it with one leg. You can now do your favorite tricks, go uphill or downhill, go into curves without the need to push. You’ll get more time riding and practicing, less time for walking and pushing once you have the Boosted Boards.


  • Boosted boards have brakes:

    This one might come as a surprise to you, but yes, Boosted Boards have regenerative braking features – you’ll never have this with your typical skateboard. Its motors have given you this kind of feature and it’s easy to learn, without compromising power. You can still go to that busy San Francisco hills without worrying about your board going out of control.


  • Boosted Boards have user-swappable components:

    Ever since you were young, you were never a fan of having something that looks pretty much the same as everyone else’s. As much as possible, you want to stand out from the crowd and become unique from everyone else. With Boosted Boards’ customizable options, you can still do that with your own board! You can choose to customize and upgrade your board’s design and battery the way you want. With this kind of feature, you’ll have no problem spotting yours even if placed in a pool of Boosted Boards!


  • Boosted Boards comes with a remote control:

    You might be thinking how could you control the board’s power and brake features or you might be hesitant because there’s just too much going on the board. To ease your mind, a remote control does all the power and brake control for you. It’s effortless to navigate and ensures that you’ll not have problems while using your Boosted Boards.


  • Boosted Boards are water-resistant:

    You might be thinking that since this board has all the electronic components for the power and the braking capacity, you have to be careful in avoiding all those muddy puddles – you’re wrong! Boosted Boards are water-resistant which means that you can go through all those puddles or damp street without any hassle at all. Your Boosted Board will still run smoothly even if it’s wet.


  • Boosted Boards are practical:

    If you’re on a tight budget but would still want adrenaline, this one’s for you! Boosted Boards are practical because even if it gets you to different places, you don’t have to worry about parking fees, garage fees and gas stations. You do all of the work, and you don’t need to pay for anything else. If you’re stopping by somewhere like grabbing a quick lunch with friends, you don’t need to find another parking space or pay for tickets because you can easily put your Boosted Boards in your bag or just simply carry it.


  • Boosted Boards have accessory ports:

    You might be asking how these accessory ports could help you. For one, you can add in your tail lights and headlights through these ports – you can now skate during the night without worrying too much about your safety. Aside from the lights, you can also charge your phones and gadgets in these ports.


  • Boosted Boards fit your budget:

    Because all of these innovative features, you might be thinking that you’ll only end up being jealous of how your friends have enjoyed their own Boosted Boards and you’ll never get one for yourself. Think again, because since there are different models of Boosted Boards available in the market, you can choose one which suits your budget. You can start browsing online and look for a Boosted Board that can give you all of these features, without you needing to spend too much.

Now that you’ve read this article, you know now why your friends are raving about this board – it basically gives them so much that’s why they’re taking the time to showcase their Boosted Boards in their social media accounts! You might even be convinced of getting your own too. If you’re leaning towards that direction, go ahead and purchase one for yourself – just don’t forget to have fun with your own Boosted Board!


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