The Best 3 Hovershoes Money Can Buy Right Now


No. We haven’t reached this stage of hovershoes yet.

Didn’t get enough of hoverboards? Well, let’s have some hovershoes then.

Before we take a look at some of the top hovershoes in the market today, let’s get through the introductions very quickly.

So first of all, let’s put all our heads together and ask ourselves:

What on earth are hovershoes?

Well, we don’t want to go into the technical details on hovershoes just yet.

But for now, readers should know that hovershoes are nothing more than separate hoverboards for each of the user’s feet.

This may sound a little confusing if you have never used a hoverboard.

However, that story is long over.

We are here today, to talk about hovershoes.

Hovershoes are fantastic news for human-powered transport fans.

They already have the option of selecting between having a rollerblade in each of their feet or have both their feet on a single balancing skateboard.

Users who are more inclined towards using self-balancing motorized devices, would already know that they have had their options pretty much on the low.

In other words, they probably have had to put up with sticking both their feet on a hoverboard from Segway or Segway-like (a shout out to all the underdog hoverboard manufacturers).

Of course, hovershoes is here to change all that.

Currently, China is leading the market in the sense that most of the companies that are offering hovershoes at the moment all come from China.

One of those companies is InMotion.

It is a Chinese mobility company which gave fans of hoverboards their best R2 transports with features such as self-balancing.

The company is getting ready to launch its new Hovershoes X1 very soon now.

And that is what we want to talk about in this section.
The Hovershoe X1 essentially comes with two separate, smaller and self-balancing slick hoverboards.

Users have to wear each of them on each of their feet.

Video streaming sites such as YouTube are already filling up with videos on how to use these new hovershoes.

And you don’t need to watch them all to know that the setup which hovershoes provides to the wearer enables the wearer to perform some pretty wacky maneuvers.

We’re talking about maneuvers which would not become possible in years if tried on a single-piece and old hoverboard.

The Hovershoe unit is special.

But that’s not the only advantage hovershoes have over hoverboards.

There is another one that we would like to mention now.

In fact, let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

In other words, from Rose Wang.

Who is Rose Wang?
Rose Want is the CEO of InMotion.

He recently told reporters that the one cool thing about hovershoes is that each of the two pieces of the whole unit is able to perform the act of self-balancing on its own.

Hence, the hovershoes rider would not run into various issues that a lot of riders ran into with hoverboards.

Rose said that hoverboards had the user use one foot to dictate the movement of the other foot because hoverboard had the user’s feet hinged with the help of a bridge.

With that said, our research shows that if one goes to the official website of any of the few hovershoes manufacturers in the market right now, one is bound to nice the add-ons that manufacturers are offering with their new and shiny hovershoes.

One of those add-ons is pretty much similar to a rod-like attachment.

This attachment makes it possible for the rider to join both the hovershoes units together.

The rod-like attachment would essentially convert the hovershoes into a single unit which would actually become equivalent to the regular and old hoverboard.

Most of the current hovershoes in the market come in similar sizes.

In other words, most hovershoe sets weigh round about 12 lb (5.4 kg).

That makes each unit of the hovershoe set weight around 6 lb.


At the moment, the majority of the hovershoes available in the market work with a 250-watt motor.

Hovershoes manufacturers power this motor with a battery that is as big as 54-Wh.

Our research shows that if the user buys such a hovershoe then the user would expect to go a distance of, at the maximum, 5 miles and/or 8 km on a charge that lasts 1.5 hours.

Moreover, the majority of the hovershoes that we have come across at the moment have the capability of reaching speeds that reach 5 mph.

The modern hovershoes also have the ability to tackle grades which can reach up to 8 degrees.

That is also very encouraging.

Now, the one important thing to keep in mind is that, most of the hovershoes available in the market today cannot support a payload that weighs over 80 Kg.

In pounds, that comes to around 176.

Decent hovershoe sets are also waterproof IP65.

What does that mean for the end user?

It means that modern hovershoes are dust-tight.

This also makes hovershoes quite resistant to water that is projected via a nozzle.

The CEO of InMotion also told the media that potential riders should expect more models to come out in the next couple of months.

Right now, models such as InMotion hovershoe X1 can cost users as much as $499.

Of course, since the product is new, the demand is relatively higher than the supply.

So don’t expect to go to a shop or an online e-commerce site and just buy one of these.

Sometimes, you will find hovershoes out of stock while other types, sellers will try to charge more for a given hovershoe model just because they know these toys are high in demand.

Difference between hovershoes and Hoverboards

To be frank there aren’t many in terms of function.

Both help riders to go from point A to point B.

The so-called older hoverboards became pretty popular in countries such as Germany where one could occasionally see youngsters using them on the street.

But as is the case with all such products, they became old and got replaced with something better.

Hovershoes follow pretty much the same principle as hoverboards.

However, the key difference between the two (which we also mentioned earlier) is that the rider has both his/her feet on separate castor.

This makes the driving experience with hovershoes a little bit different.

However, since there are two mini hoverboards on each foot now, riders can come up with more possibilities in terms of how they want to move.

How do hovershoes work?

Well, if we are restricting ourselves to only the part about functionality, then readers should know that the name is simply based on the products and/or boards that came before hovershoes.

Let’s get one thing clear right here and right now.

Hovershoes don’t hover.

Neither did hoverboards.

There is no hovering.

Not here anyway.

But our research shows that the name may have come from a simple fact that with the hovershoes on, riders have the opportunity to flow with an even forward movement.

And riders can do that without moving their legs at all.

To some, that feels like floating.

And wherever there is floating, there is hovering, right?

The key difference that users should note between hovershoes and the older hoverboards is that, hovershoes usually are able to balance themselves on their own.

And they do that continuously as long as the rider has switched them on.

On the other hand, hoverboards tipped over if the board did not detect a driver on top.

In order to start a hovershoe, one simply has to follow a simple set of steps.

First, the rider has to turn on the roller skates with the help of a switch.

And then the rider has to set them u properly.

Generally speaking, hovershoes balance themselves in under a few seconds.

At that moment, riders are free to actually release the hovershoes.

Such an option is simply not available with hoverboards.

We would also like to let readers know that there are occasions when a hovershoe takes some time to balance itself.

Our research shows that the maximum amount of time the hovershoe can take to balance itself, in the beginning, is around 10 seconds.

After it has balanced itself, the rider is free to simply nudge the hovershoe and let it roll on its own until and unless the roller skater hits an actual obstacle.

Balance and the thing about riding hovershoes

People who think that riding hovershoes is very difficult, think wrong.

Because it doesn’t have to be difficult if you take the proper precautions.

Of course, any hovershoe rider would have to go through a bit of practice before getting the hang of it.

The amount of practice would obviously vary from one rider to the other rider.


However, what we want to make clear here is that riding via hovershoes is something that every young person can.

The manufacturers will always tell you that it is easy to see their product if you just go through the proper manuals and take precautions.

Our research shows that it should not more than 5 minutes for a user to get the hang of hovershoes and know the limitations of this toy.

We are of the opinion that hovershoes provide much more sensitivity than hoverboards.

Think of hoverboards as the two-wheeled version of a single hovershoe unit.

Now, because the hovershoe has a separate engine of its own, riders should feel the pull of these engines without making much effort.

That will also take a good portion of the work away from the rider.

Riders do not have to make the effort of leaning forward while trying to use hovershoes.

All that the rider has to is to exert a low quantity of pressure on the hovershoe unit with his/her toes.

Additionally, the rider has to make sure that he/she is moving his feet/legs independently from each other.

Riders who always experienced coordination problems while they tried to skate, roller skate or any other sport that requires a lot of coordination (like tennis) would feel similar incompetence here as well.

Hovershoes do require the rider to be quick thinking.

Before, riders know, their hovershoes are likely to put them in a situation where they will have to do a bit of balancing.

The problem of coordination if further reinforced because of the fact that once hovershoes are in motion they require the user to continue the act of driving and/or balancing.

Of course, as mentioned before as well, the act of driving and/or balancing simply involves the user to exert some pressure on the front portion of the hovershoes.

With that said, we would like the readers to keep in mind one key element of getting the maximum amount of fun from hovershoes:


Practice will make you perfect, as the old saying goes.

Some riders have complained that they faced some problems while trying to stay stable on the reels.

However, our research shows that should not be a problem for everyone.

Some of your colleagues will not get the hang of using a hovershoe straight away.

That is natural.

Some would simply run away and/or abhor anyone who uses them.

That is completely normal as well.

But riders should take care, especially in the beginning, that they have someone close by who can hold them in the case of misalignment.

We say that literally because people who have never had these type of toys before will need some time to adjust to them.

Some riders have reported that the first time they wear hovershoes, the toy pulls their legs away.

In that case, if there is someone to lean on, then it could potentially save a rider from any harm.

So always have support nearby when you are trying out hovershoes for the first couple of weeks or even months.

Practice some more.

If you have already seen some videos on YouTube about people wearing hovershoes and doing some crazy stunts, then it is highly likely that you think hovershoes are not for you.

We say, forget those people.

That isn’t something every hovershoes needs to do.

It goes without saying that those people are professionals who know the risks involved with doing stunts while on hovershoes.

However, what we have seen is that some believe even starting with hovershoes is difficult and complicated.

We’re here to tell you that it is not.

In the beginning, it will feel difficult.

But with proper technique, precautions, support, patience, and practice, one can easily learn how to become a rider with hovershoes.

Remember, the two separate hover rollers offer great advantages over those old hoverboards.

The rider just has to make sure that he/she has balanced the equipment in the right manner.

Hovershoes obviously has more advantages than hoverboards because of the way it is built.

Having two separate units mean that rider can easily place feet one behind the other one.

With hovershoes, riders can also negotiate with narrow passages more efficiently.

As for the promotional videos that are on YouTube, as mentioned before, those are some serious acrobatic skills.

Of course, anyone with enough skills and practice can perform those.

But beginners should probably just stick to moving instead of doing dance moves with hovershoes.

So don’t worry about people who can do handstands on hovershoes.

Or ride it with a single leg.

Or operate three hovershoes at the same time with just their feet.

All of that is possible.


But not recommended for the obvious reasons.

Once the user has gotten the hang of it, it should not be hard to perform some form of curves though.

Hovershoes riders also have more mobility than hoverboard riders.

As mentioned before as well, the majority of the hoverboards available in the market today have a  maximum speed of 12 km/h.

Riders who achieve this speed will notice that the hovershoes will warn them with the help of a beeping sound.

The beeping sound indicates that the hovershoe will not allow more acceleration.

Hovershoes and the right ground

We hope that the majority of our readers already knew that the condition of the ground is very important when it comes to riding via hovershoes.

More specifically, riders have to make sure that the ground they ride on is smooth.

And flat.

Otherwise, hovershoes will not give them the expected amount of fun.

Concrete and asphalt grounds are the best when it comes to hovershoes.

Some even believe that short carpets are pretty suitable to hovershoes as well.

Others want to use hovershoes on the floor of their gyms and that is fine as well.

However, not everyone has these opportunities.

For now, hovershoes have everything a device really needs to perform well on tiles.

The operative word here is tiles.

Some have reported that the joints between them tend to be really disturbing.

Also, paving stone is something that hovershoes riders should stay away from.

We say that because of two reasons.

First, paving stones reduce the amount of fun a hovershoes rider can have with his/her new toy.

And the second reason is that it isn’t safe to use hovershoes on paving stones.

That’s it.

There is no other reason.

Are Hovershoes suitable for daily use?

No matter how much media attention hovershoes get, one can’t ignore the fact that ultimately hovershoes are not a reliable means of daily transportation.

They are made for fun.

And trade.

And to attract attention.

In other words, hovershoes are just gimmicks.

We’re not saying hovershoes are not worth the money.

Quite on the contrary, they are.

But they are just that.

Devices that users can ride on to have some fun.

They are not built with daily transportation in mind.

Some people user scooters and e-bikes to go the track for a run.

Others use it even for going to work.

Hovershoes, after having some fun with them, should be left in one’s cupboard.

And no place else.

Generally speaking, the problem is not with the product.

The product is fine.

But it is the conditions.

Hovershoes are fun under very specific conditions.

If you don’t have access to the right kind of ground, hovershoes are not fun.

Or even safe.

That also holds true for hoverboards even though hoverboards have bigger wheels and generally offer the better kind of ride.

Additionally, think about the effort one would have to make to go for long distances with hovershoes.

That would be one strenuous journey.

What about performance and processing?


By now, it should have become rather obvious for most of our readers that we keep on equating roller skates with hovershoes.

And that would be right.

Of course, both aren’t the same but the basic concept behind each is similar.

Hovershoes are just the modern interpretation of the much older roller skaters.

Modern hovershoes have patterned reads.

They offer good grip for users in order to have solid stability.

Both of the hovershoe units in any given hovershoe set are indistinguishable from the other one.

Moreover, users have the option of wearing any of the hovershoe units on any of his/her feet.

If we’re talking about inline skates, then hovershoes are much different than them.

Inline roller skates have around three to four rollers under each unit.

On the other hand, hovershoes only have one roller under each foot.

With that said, it is also true that the one roller under each foot has a much broader profile relatively speaking.

Hovershoes have their own benefits though.

These electric roller skates try to make themselves noticeable by turning on LEDs.

Not all models of hovershoes have these LEDs.

But the ones that do protect the user by making the rider visible to everyone else nearby.

This is especially helpful where there is low light in the environment.

Of course, these LEDs don’t give any indication where the rider’s front or read is.

However, when the rider turns on these hovershoes they turn green.

And then these hovershoes find their balance, the light turns white.

Most of the hovershoes that are currently available in the market end to come in similar dimensions.

We’ll talk more about this once we get to our top three hovershoes in the market right now.

As mentioned before, potential users should expect a single unit (that is, the hovershoe for a single foot) to weight around 3.3 kg.

For most folks, young or old, that is not light.

We have already mentioned the fact that the maximum gradient that any new model of hovershoes can master is 9 degrees.

This means that riders should not expect to climb mountains with these hovershoes.

As far as the battery is concerned, each model of hovershoes is different but the good ones come with at least a 2000 mAh battery.

Users have the opportunity to fully charge that battery within 2 hours.

Now, readers need to understand that they have to charge each shoe for 2 hours.

So if a user only has one charging outlet, then it could take 4 hours to charge both units.

The good news is that decent hovershoe manufacturers do provide a charger that comes with two charging plus.

So it is entirely possible to charge both hovershoe units simultaneously.

How good are hovershoes in traffic?

Not that good.

Let’s explain that a little bit.

Hovershoes are similar to hoverboards in more than one way.

And one similarity between both of them is that both are not approved for regular and/or any use on European roads.

If they are not approved for European roads, then one should rest knowing the fact that they won’t be of much use for any other road in any other country and/or region.

Some variety of hovershoes that one can currently buy from the market have the ability to reach speeds as fast as 6 km/h.

Add to that the fact that hovershoes do not have any brakes.

Then there is the problem of lightning.

Hovershoes don’t have any.

Hence, it should be that hard for anyone to understand that hovershoes are for casual use only.

Readers should also not forget the fact that some states may have laws against the use of hovershoes anywhere but their private property.

The Top 3 Hovershoes in the market today

InMotion Hovershoes



  • 1-year warranty
  • light
  • origin of hovershoes


  • expensive
  • limited range

This hovershoe model costs $499.

The best thing about the InMotion Hovershoe is that, many regard it as the origin of hovershoes.

In other words, according to InMotion, it is the company that designed and invented this category of hovershoes.

Of course, the inventor of a given product is not automatically given the title of the best in any given field.

But InMotion has done enough to warrant a mention here.

InMOtion feels that their model is easy and run to use.

As mentioned at the top as well, InMotion wants users to think of hovershoes as electric roller skates.

People who have previously found activities such as roller skating, skiing and/or ice skating fun, will find hovershoes, at the very least, interesting.

According to InMotion, the company’s model has a minimum learning curve.

This should allow new users to get accustomed to their model very quickly and get going.

The InMOtion hovershoes are unique in the sense that when they came out, very few companies were offering any product remotely similar to this.

Now, the world’s biggest e-commerce site, has created a new category just for InMotion products.

The category goes by the name of e-skates.

So naturally, whoever buys one of these would surely increase his/her street credit and promote himself/herself to the trendy one among peers.

As the name suggests, the InMotion hovershoes are portable to the extent that each piece weighs just 6 lb.

Since each package comes with two hovershoes, one for each foot, the total weight comes to around 12 lbs.

This makes them easy to carry.

The company behind InMotion Hovershoes believes that users should have no trouble in carrying this with them on the plan as well.

As for customer support, according to official sources, all InMotion Hovershoe products come with a complete 12-month warranty.

Users who buy InMotion products will qualify for receiving immediate and effective customer support from the company’s team in California, United States.

Hence, users don’t have to worry about wasting their money because the company covers the product for a period of 1 year.

If users are lucky enough, they may even qualify for a free shipping deal on Amazon.

Click here to purchase this model of hovershoes right now from Amazon.

OULV Koowheel Hovershoes



  • less weight
  • reasonable price
  • UL2272 compliant


  • payload limit is 80 kg
  • average speed

‘Some call these walking shoes and you can purchase these for a sweet price of $389.00.

These hovershoes are not only powerful but also flexible.

Generally speaking, that is a lethal combination.

The company behind OULV Koowheel claims that it has built the OULV Koowheel version of hovershoes with the latest 2018 technology.

The dual footboard-laden hovershoe comes pre-installed with a self-balancing technology.

As far as the concept of short transportation goes, Koowheel hovershoes have taken a serious step forward.

At least, that’s what OULV is trying to convince the users of.

The OULV hovershoes try to combine the practicality of self-balancing (but older) electric scooters that came with automatic balancing with the fun that one would get from a skateboard.

The company also claims that it has tested its products and can vouch that it is free from any kind of potential fire hazards.

According to OULV, this product passes the UL2272 test requirements.

This is a national standard that every electronic of this sort has to pass in order to get labeled “electrically safe”.

Unlike hoverboards, these OULV hovershoes are not only fun but also a cause for less worry.

The company claims that users should find no trouble in moving forward or backward.

Riders of this set of hovershoe should find it easy to perform functions such as turn and stop.

In fact, riders can manage all of the above-mentioned functions and control them via balanced and gentle movements directly on the provided footboards.

All of this makes OULV Koowheel fairly easy to use and reasonably fun.

These hovershoes are also simple enough to control properly.

As with all hovershoes, this model is also portable to the extent that each hovershoe of a given set weights only 2.8 KG.

Moreover, riders don’t require a remote to use these hovershoes.

In order to start playing with it, all that the user has to do is to keep balance.

After that, users are free to take this hovershoe wherever they feel like it.

The OULV Hovershoes for walking, also have a quick charge time.

OULV has installed a 250-watt brushless motor in each unit.

This motor is responsible for propelling the pair of hovershoes that come with wheels sized 3.5” in diameter.

The footplates are textured in order to have anti-slip properties.

They provide the rider with great and confident footing.

As for payload support, this model supports anything from 22 to 176 lbs.

Users who want to fully charge this model will have to charge it for a minimum of 1.5 hours.

As for range, this OULV Koowheel can go around 8 KM on that 1.5 HR charge.

For indoor use, these hovershoes have plenty of power.

Riders should not find it difficult to step on and off these hovershoes.

Click here to buy this right now from Amazon.

Koowheel Electric Roller



  • powerful
  • long range
  • fast charge
  • highest speed


  • expensive
  • slightly heavier

This hovershoe has pretty much everything that OULV Koowheel hovershoe has.

And then it has some more.

Users can purchase this model for only $499.99.

Just like the option we have mentioned above, this one also comes pre-fitted with the latest technology in the field of hovershoes.

In other words, it uses a dual-footboard.

That footbard, in turn, makes use of a self-balancing technology in order to assist new users.

All of this and more surely make Koowheel electric roller skate a product which takes the concept of human transportation in a forward direction.

Koowheel electric roller manages to successfully combine the functionality of electric scooters that could self-balance with the fun that came from skateboards, with automatic balancing.

The company behind Koowheel Electric Roller (that is, Koowheel) claims that it has tested all its Koowheel hovershoes for any potential fire hazards.

In the process of doing so, it has passed the national testing requirements of UL2272 just like any other electrical system has to for electrical safety.

Koowheel wants to quickly establish itself as a brand that is associated the most with fun and fewer worries.

Koowheel hovershoes are different from all other manufacturers of self-balancing hoverboards and hovershoes in the sense that the company’s hovershoes are self-balancing and simple.

That automatically makes them more fun.

Users should find actions such as,

  • Moving forwards
  • Moving backward
  • Turning
  • Stopping

very easy.

They can control all these functions with nice little balanced and fairly gentle movements directly on the Koowheel footboards.

As with the earlier models, this model is also easy to control, use and mighty fun for those with a bit of know-how.

With that, the company also informs potential buyers that users are free to release their inner creativity with their hovershoes and set any kind of free posture that they wish and/or want.

Such postures include,

  • Skating
  • Standing Upright

The Koowheel hovershoe is also easily operated on and portable.

Some like to refer to it as a self-balancing scooter.

Well if it is, then it is a pretty light one at 3.3 Kg for each of the hovershoe unit.

Again, the user does not need any remote to operate this hoverboard.

All that the user has to do in order to play is to simply keep the balance.

The hovershoe set would acknowledge the balance and then the user is free to take it where he/she wants to.
As for the charge time, that is also quick.

The unit, just like the above-mentioned model before this one, comes with a 250-watt motor which is brushless.

That motor has more than enough juice to simply propel the relevant pair of the 3.5” diameter wheels.

This model comes with no-slip and textured footplates.

These are able to provide users with a confident touch on the footboards.

Unlike all the models that we have mentioned so far, this one has the ability to support from 22 lbs to 286 lbs payload.

However, with that increased power, it also takes from 2 to 3 hours to fully charge.

It has the longest range of 10 km from all the models that we have researched.

Each product comes with a 12-month limited warranty.

What does this warranty do?

It covers labor and parts directly from the hovershoes’ manufacturers.

The company behind this hovershoe model is based in the United States of America.

More specifically, in California.

This means that the customer support would be quick.

The staff would likely answer back queries within 24 hours.

Now, one of the other reasons why this model is the most expensive one is because it is beefed up with a single wheel motor which has the ability to accelerate to speeds of 12 km/h.

That is a lot.

According to the company that manufactures it, the hovershoe is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.

We have already mentioned the fact that it also makes use of UL-certified materials.

It also has a software-set which gives out a warning in the form of a buzzer when the user accelerates the motor to its maximum speed which is 12km/h.

This ensures that the rider remains safe.

The LED feature keeps the rider safe in places which are dark and allows for a bit of a unique experience as well.

Click here to buy this model right now from Amazon.


best hovershoes

One should always welcome new modes of locomotion.

These are the things that advance humanity.

However, hovershoes are simply not that form of locomotion.

Of course, they are a pleasure to wear for some.

Riders will always find creative ways to use hovershoes though.

Some may use riding hovershoes as their new hobby.

As mentioned throughout this piece, hovershoes are most suitable for people who want to travel short distances for fun and that too on a suitable ground with the right conditions.

But no one should mistake hovershoes as a replacement for a bicycle.

At least not for now.

Maybe in the future when hovershoes go under so more regulation and quality control.




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