Unleashing Carnage: The Ultimate Best Gunzerker Build Guide

Published: 15 December 2023Updated: 5 January 2024

Embark on a relentless rampage as the Gunzerker, a vault hunter known for dual-wielding devastation and unparalleled firepower in the chaotic world of Pandora. This ultimate Gunzerker build guide is your gateway to unleashing unparalleled carnage upon your enemies, turning the battlefield into a symphony of destruction. With a carefully crafted skill set, gear recommendations, and strategic insights, this guide will transform your Gunzerker into a force to be reckoned with, leaving a trail of mayhem in your wake. Get ready to embrace the chaos and let the bullets fly!


Understanding the Gunzerker Class

The Gunzerker class in Borderlands 2 (click here if you you know about the best Siren build in Borderlands 2) allows players to dual-wield weapons, leading to a visually impressive display of firepower as the character simultaneously wields two different firearms. One of the key features of the Gunzerker class is its ability to increase reload speed, which allows for a seamless transition between weapons and minimizes downtime during combat. This advantage not only enhances the player’s survivability but also increases their overall damage output. Gunzerkers can achieve excess damage dealt by consistently switching between weapons, capitalizing on diverse weapon effects and bonuses that may be present on either firearm.

Another significant aspect of the Gunzerker class is its enhanced fire rate while dual-wielding. When both hands are occupied with guns, the character gains a substantial boost in firing speed, resulting in a rapid succession of bullets unleashed upon enemies. This increased fire rate enables Gunzerkers to quickly dispose of foes and overwhelm them with an onslaught of bullets.

Additionally, the Gunzerker class possesses a unique skill called “Money Shot,” which further amplifies their damage potential. Money Shot grants bonus damage to each successive shot fired from an empty magazine, incentivizing players to strategically manage their ammunition and exploit this skill for maximum effectiveness.

Best Gunzerker Build

Below are some of the top Gunzereker Build:

1. The Sexual Tyrannosaurus

One noteworthy aspect of this particular build lies in its inclusion of the Sexual Tyrannosaurus skill. This skill, found in the Rampage tree of the Gunzerker class, allows players to regenerate health upon dealing damage with their guns. The ability to heal oneself while inflicting excess damage on enemies makes the Sexual Tyrannosaurus an essential component of a successful gunzerker build. Not only does it provide a valuable survivability factor, but it also synergizes well with other skills and playstyle choices.

To fully optimize the potential of the Sexual Tyrannosaurus skill, players should consider equipping themselves with specific gear that complements this build. Obtaining weapons that deal high amounts of damage is crucial for maximizing the benefits of this skill. Whether it be assault rifles, shotguns, or pistols, having powerful firearms will ensure that each shot not only deals significant damage but also replenishes health effectively. Additionally, investing in items or accessories that increase gun damage can further enhance the effectiveness of this build. These could include relics or class mods that boost weapon stats and augment overall firepower. Lastly, focusing on increasing maximum health through shields and relics can significantly improve survivability when coupled with the healing capabilities provided by Sexual Tyrannosaurus.

2. Overkill

Overkill is a skill in the Gunzerker talent tree that allows players to deal excessive damage beyond an enemy’s health, potentially causing collateral damage to nearby targets. This skill proves to be particularly useful in the best Gunzerker build as it synergizes well with other abilities and playstyles.

By investing points into Overkill, players can maximize their potential by ensuring that no excess ammunition is wasted while also dealing significant damage. The Salvador build, specifically focusing on the Rampage tree, benefits greatly from Overkill as it allows for continuous and devastating gunplay. With this skill activated, players can eliminate enemies efficiently and effectively, making it a valuable asset in any Gunzerker’s arsenal.

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3. Berserk Button

A notable aspect of the Berserk Button mechanic in the best Gunzerker build is its ability to trigger a surge of rage in the player character, resulting in increased damage output and resilience. When activated, this ability allows the player character to enter a state of frenzy, where they become more powerful and resistant to damage. This can be particularly useful during intense combat situations where survival and dealing with high amounts of damage are crucial.

Overall, this mechanic adds another layer of depth and versatility to the Gunzerker class in Borderlands and enhances the player’s ability to effectively kill enemies in various combat scenarios.

4. Two For The Price Of One

The “Two For The Price Of One” mechanic in the Gunzerker’s skill tree allows for simultaneous dual wielding of weapons, significantly increasing the player character’s offensive capabilities. This skill enables the Gunzerker to wield two different weapons at once, effectively doubling their firepower and allowing them to deal with multiple enemies simultaneously.

By utilizing this ability, players can kill enemies more efficiently and quickly, making it a crucial aspect of the game. The “Two For The Price Of One” skill also synergizes well with other skills in the Gunzerker’s skill tree. For example, combining it with skills that increase weapon damage or provide bonuses when using specific types of weapons can further enhance its effectiveness.

Additionally, players can choose to equip different types of weapons in each hand to cover a wider range of combat scenarios. This flexibility allows for adaptability in various situations, ensuring that the Gunzerker remains a formidable force on the battlefield.

5. To The Last Bullet

In the midst of a relentless firefight, the Gunzerker stands alone, his ammunition depleted and his enemies closing in. “To The Last Bullet” skill increases fire rate even when Gunzerker has run out of ammo, providing him with a last-ditch effort to take down his foes. With this ability, the Gunzerker becomes an unstoppable force on the battlefield, unleashing an onslaught of bullets that decimate anything in his path. Moreover, this mechanic also helps to conserve health by eliminating downtime between reloading and allowing players to focus on dealing damage rather than replenishing ammunition.

6. Variety Is The Spice of Death

The ability to incorporate a variety of weapons and playstyles is crucial for effectively navigating the combat encounters in Borderlands 2. To succeed in challenging situations, players must equip themselves with the best gear available and adapt their strategy accordingly.

With the introduction of overpowered levels (op levels), where enemies become increasingly difficult to defeat, it becomes even more important to have a diverse arsenal at hand. By incorporating different types of firearms, explosive devices, and melee weapons into their loadout such as Lady Fist, Grog Nozzle, Nofleet, Gunzerkers can adapt to various combat situations and maximize their destructive potential.

One key aspect of embracing variety in a Gunzerker build is selecting complementary weapon combinations that allow for seamless transitions between dual-wielding attacks. For instance, pairing a high-capacity assault rifle with a shotgun can provide both ranged suppression and devastating close-range damage. Additionally, incorporating explosive weaponry such as rocket launchers or grenades enables the Gunzerker to effectively deal with groups of enemies or take down heavily armored foes. By constantly switching between different firearm types during combat, Gunzerkers can maintain a continuous onslaught that overwhelms adversaries and leaves them powerless against their fury.

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7. Deputy Sal Build

The “Deputy Sal build” transforms Salvador into an unstoppable force in close-quarters combat, emphasizing the potent synergy between his skills and shotgun weaponry. With skills like “Money Shot” and “Inconceivable,” players can unleash devastating one-shot kills, capitalizing on the sheer power of each shotgun blast. This build is tailored for those who revel in intense, high-risk engagements, providing an exhilarating playstyle that turns Salvador into a Deputy of destruction, excelling in the art of close-range gunfights.

Advanced Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Gunzerker

Here are some of the tips and tricks for the ultimate Gunzerker:

Dual-Wield Mastery

Prioritize skills enhancing dual-wielding, such as “Keep Firing” and “Yippee Ki Yay.”

Ammo Management

Equip weapons with different ammo types to extend your firepower. Salvador boasts a variety of skills that provide players with free ammo precisely when it is most needed, serving as a valuable resource for those facing scarcity. This can be a game-changer for players grappling with limited resources, offering a lifeline in critical moments.

Class Mod Synergy

Seek class mods that amplify crucial skills like “Money Shot” and “No Kill Like Overkill.”

Elemental Chaos

Diversify your arsenal with elemental weapons to exploit enemy weaknesses.

Constant Movement

Stay mobile to dodge attacks and maximize survivability.

Salvador builds

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Gunzerker Class Be Played as a Stealthy, Long-Range Sniper Character?

The Gunzerker class is inherently geared towards dual-wielding mayhem and close-quarters combat, making it ill-suited for a stealthy, long-range sniper playstyle.

Is It Possible to Dual-Wield Two Different Types of Weapons as a Gunzerker?

Yes, as a Gunzerker, you can dual-wield two different types of weapons simultaneously, allowing for versatile combinations like a shotgun in one hand and a pistol in the other.

Can the Gunzerker Class Effectively Take Down Raid Bosses Solo, or Does It Require a Team to Be Successful?

While challenging, skilled players can solo raid bosses as a Gunzerker by employing specific builds, gear setups, and precise tactics, although having a well-coordinated team can significantly ease the difficulty and increase the chances of success.

Why Does the Brawn Tree Suck?

The Brawn tree in the Gunzerker skill tree is often criticized for being less versatile and offering limited offensive capabilities compared to other trees, as it primarily focuses on survivability and damage resistance rather than maximizing damage output. While it excels in providing durability, it may not be as appealing to players seeking a more aggressive and high-damage playstyle.


With the right combination of skills, gear, and strategic finesse, your Gunzerker can become an unstoppable force, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction in its wake. Embrace the power of dual-wielding and unleash carnage as you become the ultimate harbinger of mayhem in the unforgiving world of Pandora.



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