Battlehand Review – Confusion at its Finest

Battlehand is not your ordinary card battler as it also fancies itself as an RPG. This means that you will do a good number of hours in terms of grinding and upgrading. The problem here is that you will have to deal with handling different calculations all at once. Therefore, it is easy to get your mind lost somewhere deep into the bog that is this mobile game.

Battlehand Review - Confusion at its Finest

Battlehand is a Card Battler and an RPG

Since Battlehand is aiming to become two gaming genres in one, it somehow did not get the formula right. Hence, many of the games elements are confusing from start to finish. Still, a lot of the credit for this game comes to its visuals. While pleasing to the eyes, they are a tad on the generic side. The characters are decidedly unoriginal, and they somehow feel like a card battler/RPG version of Clash of Clans.

Battlehand (iOS and Android) attempts to separate itself from two crowded gaming markets, but only to fall short on both ends. It poses an idea wherein you gradually band together to different characters to take on an increasing number of creatures and monsters in a turn-based manner. Actions differ from attack and defense from one turn to the next.

Playing it is like a confusing game of rock, paper, scissors. In this mobile game, however, it is a case of mastering Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit. All of these elements have their own strengths and weaknesses, just like what you would see in Pokemon and hundreds of other games out there that involve elements.

Therefore, the game will let you choose which characters to take to each battle. You have to choose the right characters with the right elements to get the upper hand from the get-go. Therefore, it is important to upgrade all of your characters at the same level and at the same speed in order to survive match after match. This is where things get complicated.

The game’s menu system is ridiculously complicated. This is more evident to the fact that you have to deal with obtrusive hand holding which is designed to guide players through different screens that are literally littered with bright buttons.

Even if you’re a fan of card battlers or RPGs, perhaps you should stay away from Battlehand for now until the developers decide to fix things, especially when it comes to that awfully convoluted menu.


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