Audi R8 e-Tron – Self Driving Cars Have Never Been Sexier

Audi R8 e-Tron – Self Driving Cars Have Never Been Sexier

The Audi R8 e-Tron is now taking on the big names for the top spot for the best self-driving automotives of today. At first glance, Audi’s new car with the zFAS system brings in the heat as it takes on Google and Tesla with their own self-driving car technology. Perhaps one of the first occurrences of the electric car technology to appear in modern times is when Elon Musk championed over Tesla’s belief in a solar-electric company. It is a future envisioned by Musk wherein all cars are run by electric energy, and all their power being renewable. What happened next is what lead Tesla to grow into a $25 billion business which all sent huge ripples, if not shockwaves throughout the industry. Since then, other automotive companies put on their thinking caps on how to best the sector with their own rendition of the electric car. With Audi’s new contender, Musk, Tesla, and Google may have a lot to answer for.

The Audi R8 e-Tron is the Wave of the Future for Self-Driving Electric Cars

It is without question that the Audi R8 e-Tron was conceived due to the immense success that Tesla brought.  The German manufacturer wanted to show Tesla that they are not to be outdone with their concept design for their own electric car back in 2008. Furthermore, the company is not to be outdone by Google’s drive-less car technology as they have now fused their 2008 concept automotive design as they have just recently unveiled their new self-driving automobile. The R8 e-Tron Piloted Driving car has digital eyes, ears, and a brain to continuously scan its surrounding areas to let it drive in the most efficient and most effective way possible. The automobile is the result of a collaborative team effort brought about by a team of experts from nVidia, TTTech, and Delphi just to name a few. These teams have brought together the required hardware and software to make the concept car turn into a reality. The “insides” of the Audi R8 e-Tron does look like a standard PC Motherboard if you look at it through paper, but it is far from that sort. The components of the zFAS PCB are all tasked in converting an insane amount of data that comes for a myriad of sensors surrounding the R8 e-tron’s chassis. Passengers will always feel safe as the car has depth-sensing cameras, laser scanners, and ultrasonic sensors for a completely secure, comfortable, and enjoyable experience.


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