Apple Car – Are You Ready for it?

There are rumors that the Apple Car is not far off from being built as the Cupertino, California-based tech company is reportedly looking into getting a slice of the action of the automobile industry. There are even speculations that the famous tech company is looking to place their upcoming vehicle against the likes of Elon Musk’s Tesla. While the firm is known to have made impressive tech, there are skeptics who would readily disagree that Apple has what it takes to build a smart vehicle, well, at least for now anyway.

Apple Car - Are You Ready for it?

The Apple Car May be an Actual Thing

Yes, there are a lot of things that can be improved upon within the automobile sector, and bringing in the Apple Car might bring an almost fanatical drive within said industry to make it improve on those things.

This is not the first time that Apple is seen within the automobile industry as they have been known to have tried to make headway within the sector in the past. They have initially worked with certain partners, such as BMW, to bring in iPod integration towards car stereos. They have then later developed in going “full throttle” on developing the Apple CarPlay, which is essentially replacing the onboard electronics system found within vehicles but with a specially made version of the iOS. This is great and all as many would enjoy the experience of actually driving their vehicles with the car’s electronics system to be not archaic but antiquated.

Still, Apple’s long-time focus on elegance and simplicity can certainly do a lot in terms of car design. This is most especially seen wherein automobiles are known to integrate with modern devices such as smartphones and tablets.

But before any of Apple’s Car does become an absolute reality, the designing and building phase will be just the beginning of everything. After all, automobiles are known to be prime investments, even more than your iPhone or Macbook. Vehicles are known to last for a good number of years, and once again, even more that your handheld gadget from the popular tech company.

Is the company ready for the Apple Car? Well, we can’t really say for sure, at the moment anyway. There are a lot of challenges that the company needs to tackle in the automotive market. For instance, what would be the upgrade cycle for their vehicle be like? What kind of profit are they looking to make with the vehicle? Or will they be able to put out a new model every year, just like what they’re doing with their other products? And most importantly, what will it even look like?


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