AKG Q701 Review – A Safe Investment

The flagship product for the company’s Quincy Jones-sponsored line-up, the AKG Q701 might make you skeptical as many headphones have tried partnering with a celebrity to try and make more sales only to provide disappointing results in many areas. However, AKG does this in the right; this flagship headphone is placed at a high-end price class. But for what it’s worth, it is definitely a great deal and certainly a safe investment.

AKG Q701 Review - A Safe Investment

The AKG Q701 is Endorsed by the Legendary Quincy Jones

For its design, the AKG Q701 looks very similar to that of the less high-end K601 or the K701. This is not a bad thing as its predecessors do look very stylish. Even their lime-green variants are professional-looking to the point that you would not mind taking them outside.

The plastic construction of the Q701 Headphone feels very solid and durable. The company claims that the headphone’s arches are unbreakable. However, it is hard to prove that claim, especially if you don’t mind testing it out just to waste your money on breaking a good pair of audio listening devices. Still, the material is quite durable as it can survive a knock off from a desk.

One of the noteworthy points about the design is its self-adjusting headband. The headband is connected to the earcups (in which are elastically suspended). The result of this type of headband is that it will stay properly in place no matter how you move the headphone on your head. Furthermore, the weight will be evenly distributed.

Sound quality draws an impressive amount of detail to tracks, especially when listening to lossless files. The resulting audio is nothing short of fantastic, which should be given the price to get the headphone. Since it has an open-back design, it does a great job of giving the headphone a wide and uncluttered sound. Playing poor quality audio won’t help improve the quality of the listening experience, but throw it some high-res music and you’re in for a lovely treat.

Ultimately, the AKF Q701 are a delight to the ears in more ways than one. They are truly an excellent pair of headphones that even the legendary Quincy Jones can be proud of marketing them. Those who want wide, accurate, and flat audio signatures that bring out stunning detail will get no less than a fantastic performance out of this headphone. Hence, it can even put itself above many of its competitors without much trouble.


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