Ad-Blockers – Rise of Advertisement Blocking Software Threatens Revenue of Online Promotions

There are many Internet companies, even the large ones, are now facing a threat by way of ad-blockers as these software has the main purpose of blocking out advertisements and promotions of which are being relied upon by businesses to gain revenue over the World Wide Web.

Ad-Blockers - Rise of Advertisement Blocking Software Threatens Revenue of Online Promotions

Internet Companies Threatened of the Existence and Rise of Ad-Blockers

Internet business models are now increasingly coming under threat because of ad-blockers. It is known that there are one in five smartphone users (which is approximately 420-million people around the globe) who are using such software to pose for a streamlined way of searching around the Internet. However, because of its existence and usage by the masses, Internet companies are now gaining less revenue from their online advertising efforts. The number of people using the software represents a 90-percent annual increase, as per a new report from PageFair, which is a startup company that assists online companies in trying to reclaim some of those lost advertising revenue, as well as Priori Data, which is a firm that tracks smartphone applications.

Because of the use of ad-blocking software, it has now divided the online world. There are groups of supporters wherein they would say it does allow better access towards online content without having to suffer from multiple ads. It does also promote better website loading times. There are, on the other hand, opponents to the idea of having and using such as a software, particularly those of companies that rely on advertising, as they state that blocking those advertisements and promotions violates the implied contract that people agree upon when viewing online material as there are some content are paid for by digital advertising.

Mobile ad-blocking software in particular have already become increasingly popular in emerging markets, wherein individuals are now more reliant in using their smartphones and mobile devices when perusing content over the World Wide Web.

At the time of writing, there are now more than 36-percent of smartphone users within the Asia-Pacific region alone that have these software that enable the blocking of advertisements on their mobile devices. These applications allow users to remove online ads whenever they use their browsers or other apps that connect to the Internet.

Chief Executive of Priori Data Patrick Kane stated that greater use of ad-blockers within emerging markets was driven by attempts to minimize the spending on mobile data. Hence, these do assist in conserving data and making websites load quicker by not downloading advertisements on user’s smartphones.


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